This week I’m excited to get started on a new project: I’m making a quilt for Logan. I’ve never made a quilt before and if anyone has any pointers, I’m open to hear them. This is going to be a pretty cool quilt… and one that I hope he’ll still uses and thinks is pretty cool even as he gets older. One side will be solid army green in a fabric I found that looks similar to terry cloth, but it’s considerably softer and snugglier. The other side will be a patchwork of six different kinds of camoflague, everything from standard jungle camo and desert camo to woodland digital camo and tiger camo. (I wonder if I had joined the Army, could I have become a graphic designer designing new and improved camoflague…) I have all the fabric, the camoflague coming from a variety of tshirts. Right now I’m laying out how the patches will work and I’m trying to get the measurements right. It’s not easy. When I’m all finished, I’ll post a picure.

I have been so proud of myself and my resistance to totally pig out at work. The kitchen in our office is completely stocked with all sorts of junk food: candy bars, Pop-Tarts, cookies, Pringles, Rice Krispie Treats, Cheetos, Doritos, gummie bears, sour licorice, peanut butter crackers, mixed nuts, trail mix, raisinettes and more that I can’t remember. The fridge is also stocked with a variety of sodas. It’s quite convenient when it’s 3 pm and you need a little something to last another couple of hours (like the Skor bar I just ate. mmmmmmmmmmm). When I first started, I rediscovered how much I like Pop-Tarts…even when they’re not cooked! But, I’ve been really good for the past month. I bring a bottle of water with me to work and refill it when I finish it. They also have instant oatmeal here and I try to eat a package of Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal in the morning. I’ve found that if I eat that for breakfast, I’m not hungry again around 11am. I’ve been very good, since I started working, at bringing a lunch to work instead of going out. Of course, being broke helps that along. hee hee Since, I’m completely failing in finding motivation to exercise, this will have to do for now.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. stebow says:

    Cool! Can’t wait to see the quilt. Have you talked to Deanna? She is the quilt queen.

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