We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday evening Bill and I flew up to Oakland and were met by Michael and Sara. We went for some late night horchata and super nachos at Taqueria Los Gallos in Newark. Bill finally got to meet Sara and we enjoyed chatting for a while. I don’t get to see them very often.

Saturday I went to Bill’s parent’s house for lunch. Bill’s mom had prepared rice porridge and had picked up some dim sum items from the restaurant down the street. One of my favorite items was there, it’s a fried dumpling filled with pork and a taro paste. The outside is a very delicate crispy coating. I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy at all. But it’s very good. The real treat was the moon cakes. Laikwan received them as a gift this year… thankfully so because she hadn’t planned on buying any. The prices have gone up a lot over the past few years in the asian markets. It’s become a little ridiculous. She had the traditional one with the egg yolks inside. She also had one filled with different kinds of nuts. Both were quite tasty. In years past, we would normally all go out to dinner for the Mid-Autumn Festival… which Bill and I affectionately call the Moon Cake Festival, since moon cakes are specially made for this festival.

Later in the afternoon, Bill and I got all gussied up for our friends Brian and Ranica’s wedding. They got married at the Pacific Athletic Club in Redwood City. It’s a very hoity-toity club just off 101 near the Holly St exit. It was a lot of fun. Bill and Ranica are friends from high school and I’ve only known them since I have dated Bill. Earlier this year I did a free-lance project for them where I designed the graphics for a children’s card game that Brian created. Next time we see them, they will have a copy all printed out for me. It really turned out great.

The wedding ceremony took place outside on a grassy area near the tennis courts and pool. The arrow is pointing to me and Bill getting the sound system set up for the ceremony.

The reception was around 130 people and a very nice sit-down meal. We both had quite a large portion of prime rib. At our table were a few more friends that Bill went to high school with. I knew a few of them too from a wedding we attended last year. It seems all the “friends from high school” end up seated at the same table. Instead of spending a few hundred dollars on a DJ, Brian & Ranica set up some basic sound equipment and used Ranica’s laptop with iTunes. It actually worked really well. Ranica asked Bill to emcee and to press ‘play’ at the right times. He did a great job and really seemed to enjoy it. I think he was a little nervous at the beginning… especially when he had to announce the wedding party. There were a few names he had to learn to pronounce properly.

Us with Curtis and his wife. Bill and Curtis were good friends in high school.

Brian set up some simple games to play during the reception. They had gifts for people for odd and interesting reasons. Whomever celebrated their birthday closest to today’s date (Oct 7). It actually was someone’s birthday that day. Same thing for a couple’s anniversary, same day. They had a gift for the guest who had traveled the farthest; it was a family member of Ranica’s who had traveled from Hong Kong. One guest had cut their vacation to France short to attend the wedding, they got a thank you gift. They had a dance specifically for married couples. Bill slowly had couples sit down based on how long they had been married. Couples married for 1 day, please leave the dance floor. Couples married for 1 year, please leave the dance floor. Couples married for 5 years. 10 years, 15, 20, etc. When he got to 35 years there were ten couples still dancing. At 45 years there were four couples dancing. At 50 years, two couples. The winner, was a couple who had been married for 52 years. The bride & groom had a gift for them too. I really liked how it was done and I’d like to do it at our wedding. I’m guessing my grandparents will win though… 63 years is hard to beat.

This was the first wedding I’ve ever attended where the bride & groom’s first dance was chorographed!

The garter and bouquet toss was fun. When Brian was tastefully removing Ranica’s garter, Bill stopped him… “didn’t anyone tell you? You can’t use your hands!” Apparently Bill didn’t tell them he was going to do that. It was really funny. The bouquet toss was interesting. There were probably only five or six of us single girls…I was probably a foot taller than all of them (in heels). I was pushed into the middle and the bouquet was thrown right at me. I stepped aside hoping someone else would grab it, and it fell on the floor at my feet. Oops! I eventually picked it up and thanked Ranica… later I felt bad thinking I probably should have just caught it. Oh well. Overall the wedding was a lot of fun. Brian and Ranica are honeymooning in Tahiti.

Us with Brian and Ranica.

A few of these pictures were taken by a guest who happens to have a kick ass camera and some skill. If it looks like the flash was too harsh, then it’s from my camera.

Sunday morning Bill and I flew home. Because the Raiders were playing the 49ers in San Francisco on Sunday, the flights going home were all sold out… except for the very first flight that leaves at 6:30am. Ug. We got home around 8am and contemplated the consequences of going back to bed… agreeing that we might sleep too long. Of course as we’re saying this we’re putting on pajamas and climbing into bed. My intent was to sleep a couple of hours and get going on my camouflage quilt. We didn’t wake up until after 1pm. Eh, I didn’t feel that bad. I got many squares of camouflage sewn together and we watched the 49ers beat the Raiders. Bill made salmon cakes with a homemade garlic and basil aioli with salad for dinner that were very good. A nice a quiet end to a busy weekend.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Fantastic dress you were wearing at the wedding!  Very svelte.
    I miss horchata and Mexican food in general.  There are a few feeble attempts at Mexican cuisine here in Bangkok and they are all.. well, feeble.

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