Friday Bill took his IT team to the Miramar Air Show for a field trip. They were a little worried because it rained on the way down, but as they got to the grandstands the weather cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Then it rained again on their way home. I really would have liked to go. Aside from the Blue Angels performance, (which is always amazing) there were demonstrations from a number of different military and civillian aircraft. Including a harrier jet, V-22 Osprey, and F-117 Stealth Fighter. I’ll try to post some of the photos that Bill took. It looked like they had a really good time.

Saturday afternoon I flew to Oakland for Jan’s birthday party. I was excited about the gift I had for her. I have a set of glass coasters that she has always liked where I inserted my own photos into them. I was excited to find a set last week. So, I printed out a few photos for her of Mark and Bev and Emily. I also restored and framed a small snapshot of Jan, my mom and Steve when they were kids. Young enough that Jan doesn’t remember when the photo was taken. Grandma gave me the photo years ago so I could try my hand at restoring a scanned photo back to it’s original color and quality. I’ve had the photo ever since and finally got a really good quality scan of it. Even though the original photo is small and a bit on the blurry and grainy side, I was really happy how it turned out. I framed the final print with a light blue fabric mat and a simple white frame.

Here are the before and after shots:

Not too bad. I’m currently working on another set of photos I got from Bill’s mom. These are photos of Bill’s aunt and uncle when they were first dating and right after they got married. I’m having a harder time restoring these because the paper they were printed on is textured. The scanner picks up on the details and I’m researching ways to diffuse the texture without diffusing the details in the photos. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

Sunday I did some shopping with Mom. We went to the fabric store to investigate different kinds of fabric paint. Mom and 2 of her co-workers are going to be beauty queens for Halloween. They already have sashes and tiaras and I’m going to paint a bikini-clad beauty queen’s body onto white t-shirts for them. They’ll all have a different bikini and there might be a Girl Scout tattoo or belly-button ring. We’ll see. Stay tuned for the photos in a few weeks.

I called in sick to work today. Last night, as I was getting into bed, I turned my head wrong or something and my neck stiffened up and pinched a nerve. It was so painful that I couldn’t sit up without help. I finally got to sleep after negotiating my pillows, an ice pack and a healthy dose of ibuprofen. This morning was slightly better, but with absoluntely no mobility in my neck, I didn’t feel comfortable driving. So, I just figured it would be better to call in sick. It’s still pretty painful, but I can move around much more… although I still don’t have much mobility in my neck. It just sucks. My neck has done this before and I’ve dealt with it before, but it was just substantially more painful this time around. And, I’m too far away from Vu to get it fixed. We need a way to get him to do housecalls from Hayward to Long Beach…



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3 Responses to

  1. stebow says:

    Poor baby. Can I kiss it make it better?

  2. bevduhon says:

    Mom told me about those coasters, she was quite impressed.  That’s just so fabulously creative, I love it!  I’m so sorry about your neck, I hope it gets much better soon.  My back used to totally give out on me, rendering me completely immobile, so I can kind of relate.  Have you ever tried filling an athletic sock with rice and heating it in the microwave?  You just drape it around your neck and it stays warm and soothing for hours.

  3. alextebow says:

    Yeah, the neck thing is irritating… I want to talk to Vu (my chiropractor friend) to learn more about what causes it. I like the athletic sock idea. I have a couple of bags filled with feeder corn (the kind they give chickens, doesn’t pop) that works the same way. Coupla minutes in the microwave and I’m set. Does wonders for menstrual cramps.

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