We had a nice and quiet weekend. (I seem to say that every Monday) Bill’s parents flew in late Friday night. I chatted some with Laikwan about the photos I’ve been restoring and Photoshoping. Saturday morning Mark and Laikwan took Bill’s car to LAX to pick up their friends Ed and Sally. (Uncle Ed and Aunt Sally to Bill) Then spent the rest of the day at Universal Studios. Bill and I did some much needed yardwork. I’ve been very aprehensive about working in the backyard lately. I’ve noticed a very large spiderweb spanning from one tree to another. Bill said he saw the spider one night and said it must be the granddad of the huge spider that lived in our neighbor’s front yard early last year. Here are the links to see it… Spider 1 and Spider 2  I don’t want to actually put the photo on here. I haven’t actually seen the one in our backyard yet. I really don’t want to. In the mean time, I walk around our backyard gingerly, jumping when a bee flies by or when my own hair tickles the back of my neck. It’s quite ridiculous. I got all of the dead tomato plants out and pulled most of the pointsetta plants that had sprouted. The whole flower bed along our back wall used to be large wild pointsetta plants. They are persistant and keep trying to sprout new plants. My plans are to plant snow peas for winter. We already have one butternut squash plant started. I need to do a little research and see what else I can grow…. that I actually like to eat. My next big projects include seriously pruning the two large hibiscus plants in our front yard. They’re great because they bloom large, beautiful flowers, and give us some privacy in our living room, but they’ve grown too tall and are almost touching the eaves.

Saturday night we met up with Mark & Laikwan and Ed & Sally at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park. We go here almost every time Bill’s parents visit. It’s consistantly good and relatively inexpensive. Six of us ate and had leftovers for under $60, no alcohol. And it’s open until 3am… in case we ever need chinese food that late. We had a tofu, pork and oyster hot pot, deep fried port cutlet, roasted chicken, roasted eggplant hot pot, and marinated beef with broccoli rabe. I was actually a little surprised there was no seafood ordered since it’s a specialty of this restaurant. I love walking over to the live tanks to see what they have. Aside from the normal Dungeness crab, lobster, rock cod, and other random white fishes, they have live shrimp and live Alaskan King crab. Yeah! Alaskan King crab! I’d never seen one live outside of an aquarium. Bill thinks they run about $300 a pop. Yikes.

I’d like to take my parents there next time they visit. By the way, when is that gonna be?!? Every week I get, “Alex, when are you coming back to visit? We never see you enough.” You know, the airplane flies both directions and many members of my family can fly for free too. Actually, I think Jackie and Michael say that more than Mom and Dad.

Ed and Sally were scheduled to fly home Sunday around 2 and Mark and Laikwan were originally going to take the early morning flight because later flights were very full. Instead, they decided to try for the last flight of the evening and if it was unsuccessful, they would fly home early Monday morning. So, Sunday were were all going to drive to Huntington Beach. Bill and I were dressed and ready to go at 9:30… which was very good for us! Alas, the grown-ups were probably ready to go at 7am and they just left without us. Oh well. They actually only spent a little time at the beach and instead drove around looking for the time-share condo that’s part of their time-share program. Bill and I lounged around watching some soccer and Formula 1 racing. It was Michael Schumacher’s last race and he took 4th place. 4th was incredibly good since he got a flat tire really early in the race and was dead last for the majority of the laps. We watched a little of the MLS playoff game between Chivas USA and the Houston Dynamo. The Houston Dynamo is the result of San Jose loosing their MLS team. The Oakland A’s own the San Jose Earthquakes name and the option to have a MLS team in the Bay Area. They just need to find or build a soccer specific stadium. There’s been talk to build one in Fremont. In the mean time, we have no MLS team in the Bay Area and Bill and I refuse to become LA Galaxy or Chivas fans. And, since our Fremont boy, Dominic Kinnear, is still coaching, we’re rooting for Houston. Good luck to them this weekend in their second play-off game.


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3 Responses to

  1. christao408 says:

    The king crab is expensive, but look at the size of those drumsticks!

  2. bevduhon says:

    OMG, I don’t blame you for having issues with the backyard, criiiiinge!
    The “grown-ups” were ready by 7am, huh?  At what point exactly to you expect to achieve grown-up status yourself? ;D  Teehee, cute!

  3. alextebow says:

    I honestly don’t ever expect to achieve “grown-up” status. I intend to always be too young for something. They’re called “laugh lines” for a reason.

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