My camouflage quilt is coming along nicely. I have purchased some camel-colored fleece to be the border that surrounds the patchwork of camos. Although, my quilt is on hold for the moment as I sew together bits and pieces of shiny black vinyl for Jackie’s Halloween costume. She’s going to be Catwoman for a super hero/villian themed party on Saturday night. She’s going for a costume similar to the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman as opposed to the Halle Berry or Julie Newmar Catwoman. (I thought the Julie Newmar look would have been awesome. Especially with the hair.) I’m making opera-length gauntlets to cover gloves she already has and I’m making the mask. If all goes well, it’ll turn out to be a pretty cool costume.

I’m pretty excited for my trip to Durham, North Carolina in two weeks. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with Krista and her adoreable son Benjamin. He’s almost 7 months old. It’ll help ease my raging I-want-to-have-a-baby hormones. Too bad all of the babies in my life live far away. I’ve been talking to Krista checking to see if there’s anything she’d like me to bring from California. The only thing they’d really love to have is an In-N-Out burger. Too bad it would be mushy and cold by the time it got there. If only it traveled well. In-N-Out tastes best if you eat it at the restaurant. It acutally looses quality in the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to get it home.

Not much going on here. Bill flew to Denver yesterday and brought a thunderstorm with him. It was forecasted to snow this morning. The employees got mad at him for bringing the cold weather. He should be home tonight… back to our warm afternoons. It got up to 90 this past weekend! Woo hoo for an October heatwave! The last bang before the weather gets foggy, chilly and rainy.

I’m having some stupid issues with my iPod. Each once in a while the iPod starts skipping songs… almost as if the songs aren’t on the iPod anymore, but the titles are there. It mostly skips songs that are played often or are on a playlist I listen to a lot. Over the course of a week, it gradually gets worse until it will only play three or four songs from a playlist of twenty songs. I can plug the iPod into my computer and update all the music, then everything is fine for a while. Then a few weeks later it starts happening again. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Am I supposed to update my iPod more often? Is there a glitch in my software? Is my iPod so old that it’s kaputing on me? My co-workers were making fun of me and how old my iPod is… “it doesn’t even have a color screen!” It’s not even 2 years old yet.

jetBlue announced service to Chicago O’Hare today starting January 4th. For the next 36 hours, you can purchase fares as low as $36 one-way. They’re including two flights a day to Long Beach. I emailed this info to Cecile. I know she and Francis tried to plan a weekend vacation to LA back in June, but never got their time off to mesh. Maybe January will be their month. They live in Minneapolis. It’s kinda far to drive to Chicago… but for a $36 fare… it might just be worth it. For those who don’t know Cecile, she’s a friend of ours who originally stayed with our family back in 1997 as an exchange student from France. The following year, Patrick and I stayed with her and her family for our trip to France. A couple of years later she moved to Philadelphia to attend Penn State for her bachelor’s degree. She got her masters degree in Minneapolis and has lived there since. She flew out a few times to spend Christmas with us if it was too expensive to fly to France. We stayed with her parents in 2004 during our Eurpoean vacation when we were visiting Lyon. About two years ago Cecile was faced with the similar situation Tawn dealt with… she was in the U.S. on a student visa, she was finished with school and had no job prospects. So we told her to find a nice American guy to marry her… her boyfriend isn’t American! We all thought that was funny. Her boyfriend, Francis, is a great guy who happens to be from Uganda. For a while, I was trying to get her to apply to Stanford for a Ph.D. program. In the end, Cecile ended up enrolling in another school to avoid being deported when she finally got a job offer from a prestigious company who promised sponsorship after six months of employment. She has a nice work visa now and doesn’t have to worry. I think she’s still trying for a green card. I don’t know what is involved in getting one, but I hear it’s not easy.

Just got off the phone with Bill… it’s seriously snowing in Denver… they’re canceling flights. He might not make it home tonight. Is it bad that I find it funny?

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  1. stebow says:

    It is sooooo bad that you think its funny he’s stuck in a snow storm. ;-D   I must be very bad too.

  2. bevduhon says:

    Uh-oh, we’re all simply awful!  Teehee, poor guy! 😀

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