Bill got lucky yesterday and got a seat on a flight to Las Vegas. From there he was able to get a seat on a jetBlue flight home. It’s always a little touchy getting stuck at an airport where there are no jetBlue flights to Long Beach. Well… there are, but he’d have to fly to JFK and then home. Kinda pointless when he can fly for free on Southwest, US Airways and Frontier.

Last night, I was watching the film, A Knight’s Tale… I actually had to turn it off because it irritated me too much. I love history and I love watching films about history… but this film is so blatently innaccurate to history that I had to turn it off. I think the filmmakers attempted to make the film more hip to draw a younger audience. So, they use modern music in the soundtrack…which seemed to work out alright. But they made the women’s clothes unreasonably revealing and the interaction between the lead character, William and his love interest, Jocelyn much more intimate than it would have ever been between a knight and a noble woman. I think the only thing that keeps me watching is Paul Bettany’s character. He plays a hilarious, womanizing, bullshitting Geoffrey Chaucer with a serious gambling problem and a talent for twisting words to get what he wants… or to get out of trouble. In his first scene in the film, the lead characters find him hitchhiking naked… he had lost his clothes in a bet.

Midway thru the film, Bill got home and we started watching the DVD he bought this week. Nacho Libre. Bill and I are fans of Jack Black… especially when we’re in the mood for a film where you need to leave your brain in the other room. This is Jack Black playing Jack Black. The dialog is crude, the humor slapstick, and storyline so, so. And Jack Black’s Mexican accent tends to veer in odd directions… sometimes it sounded more Italian than Mexican. But it’s so funny. If you’d never heard of the film, it’s a story about a friar who is treated badly by everyone around him all his life. He has always dreamed of becoming famous as a luchador (wrestler). So he moonlights as the masked “Nacho” to raise money for the orphanage where he lives. This story is actually based on a real priest, Rev. Sergio Gutierrez Benitez. He has been in over 4,000 matches over the past 23 years. His ring name is Fray Tormenta (“Friar Storm”) and he wrestled under the mask in Mexico to support an orphanage. The story was on the CBS evening news a couple of years ago. Knowing it’s based on a true story helped me like the film a little more. Although, I’m sure the real friar wasn’t nearly as idiotic as Jack Black’s portrayal.

In a few weeks, Bill and I will be seeing Jack Black in concert with his self proclaimed “greatest band in the world”, Tenacious D. This is my Christmas present to Bill. I’m really looking forward to it.


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  1. bevduhon says:

    I gotta say, I loved A Knight’s Tale!  I really prefer not to consider the historical or factual accuracy in movies of this nature, and just try to view them for the enjoyment factor.  Now, were it something like Schindler’s List?  Yeah, they’d better make sure they have their facts straight.
    I hope you and Bill enjoy the Tenacious D concert, I mean really, how often do you get the opportunity to see the greatest band in the world?? ;D

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