There’s a new show that Bill and I thoroughly enjoy every Sunday night. It’s on at 9pm on Telemundo, Vas O No Vas  It’s the spanish version of the popular game show Deal or No Deal. We don’t really like watching the American version hosted by Howie Mandel. He gets a little irritating and…well… I just can’t watch for very long. In the spanish version, the girls with the suitcases dance and the banker isn’t just some anonymous silhouetted character, the banker is a sultry redhead who struts onto the stage with a suitcase containing the offer… and she gazes suggestively at the camera before opening the case. The best is the host! He’s hilarious with his enthusiasm and very active eyebrows. He makes funny faces that are actually funny. Even though we don’t always know what they’re saying, it’s very entertaining television. It’s actually a little surprising how much we understand… perhaps that comes with living in LA.

For those who would be interested: Fry’s is selling seasons one through four of 24 for $24.99 each. They normally sell for $50 or $55. Now Bill can get caught up with me before I start watching season four. The sale ends on Tuesday. We picked them up yesterday mainly because Bill was trying to watch season one on scratched DVD copies. Plus, it was a really good price. We also got me a new hard drive for my computer. I now have 200 extra gigabytes! Woo hoo! I finally installed my Adobe Creative Suite and updated all of my software. It’s a nice feeling.

Odd product found today:

Is your betty ready?

I guess you really can have the carpets match the drapes!


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