I have recently started reading French Women For All Seasons. It’s the sequel to a best selling book in 2005: French Women Don’t Get Fat. I had heard an interview with the author on KGO back in 2005 and picked up the book not expecing much, but hoping for some tasty recipes. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and learned a lot about how French women can actually eat French food every day and still stay slim. They eat chocolate, drink wine, champagne, and eat bread and pastries. It’s kind of a simple philosophy that focuses around actually taking pleasure in food and balancing indulgences and compensations. To quote the author, “French women think about good things to eat; American women typically worry about bad things to eat.” She talks about eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, but trying to only eat them when they’re in season. She tells a lot of stories about her childhood and how she would look forward to each season and whatever will be ready to eat soon. Most importantly, she tells us about how as a teenager she lived in Massachussetts for a year and gained over 15 pounds. When she got home and was told by her father that she looked like a sack of potatoes she was devastated…naturally. She was reintroduced to the French philosophy and practices by her local physician and her mom and slowly made her way back to the way of eating, and living, she had grown up with. It’s a truly wonderful book to read… especially if you’ve ever done any kind of dieting. I’ll let you know if her second book is equally good. I’m sure it will be.

Saturday, Bill and I took advantage of the beautifuly warm weather we’ve been having, it was almost 90! We pruned the two, large hibiscus in our front yard. They were getting a bit too tall… touching the eaves and spilling out over the sidewalks. I planted some seeds in the flowerbeds; painted daisies and sweet alyssum in white and purple… we’ll see if anything grows. We also discovered an ant colony in one of the flowerbeds. :::shaking fist:::

Later in the evening we drove out to Universal City to see Tenacious D in concert at the Gibson Ampitheater. It was a fanastic show! We sat in the mezzanine close to center stage and laughed and sang along with the rest of the fans. They started out the show with just Jack Black and Kyle Gass and their acoustic guitars. Then an “electric guitar mishap” landed them both in Hell. While in Hell they decided to start a band and wondered if Hell had any good musicians. “We’re in Hell! All the greats will be here!” So they picked up a talented electric guitarist who they thought was Jesus Christ… he turned out to be the Anti-Christ. Their drummer was Colonel Sanders. And on bass, Charlie Chaplin. They seriously rocked. I don’t really know how to describe the feeling… but there’s something awe-inspiring about being in a room with close to 6000 fans singing “Fuck Yeah!” in unison and singing along to the music. In the encore they battled the electric guitarist’s dad, Satan, while singing their popular single “Tribute” which is a tribute to the “greatest and best song in the world.” Of course, the song is only a tribute as they couldn’t remember what that greatest song actually was. In concert, they end the song with a few chords from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” suggesting that that is, in fact, the song their talking about. It was a great show and I think Bill really enjoyed it. He doesn’t care for crowds and hasn’t been to many concerts. But this was one I knew he would like. I think he’d really like seeing Aerosmith in concert too…they’re currently on our with Motley Crew. But that will take some persuasion.

Sunday we ran a bunch of errands then picked up Patrick from the airport. He’d come in from Kansas City via Oakland. The flights from KCI to LAX were over-booked. We went to Sushi Studio for dinner and had a good time. Pat filled me in on how everyone is doing and how beautiful Emily and Ava are. (duh! already knew that!) After dinner we watched the new episode of Family Guy and Vas O No Vas. It was very entertaining. Then we put on Nacho Libre, since Patrick hadn’t seen it. During the film, Bill and I made chocolate chip cookies, and Patrick fell asleep. I think he slept through about half of the film.

Today, Bill took a day off and he and Pat put up a new porch light in our backyard. Bill found that spider that was stalking our backyard. He said it tried to capture him is it’s net… he specifically said net, not web. It was THAT big. In retaliation, Bill killed it… by freezing it.

We have our turkey for Thursday and we’re deciding on what side dishes to prepare. It looks like Bill’s parents might join us for Thanksgiving. That will be really nice. Bill also plans to make his mom’s steamed duck stuffed with sticky rice, lotus seeds and sausage. It’s unbelieveably good. Bill’s mom only makes it on special occasions… or when she finds a good looking duck on sale. I plan on helping this time so I can learn how it’s done.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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