I’m going to fly up to the Bay Area tomorrow. I hadn’t planned on it, but my neck and shoulder issues can’t wait another week. Saturday morning I’m going to try and meet up with Vu, (my chiropractor friend) and see if we can get my neck put back in its proper place. I’m only doing a short trip this weekend, flying home on the last flight to Long Beach at 5:40pm. I have some housework I need to finish. I’ll also be spending all of next weekend in the Bay Area. We have plans to take my Uncle Mark out to dinner for his birthday. My parents will still be in Thailand and my Aunt will be in San Diego on business. So, he’s all by himself on his birthday. On Sunday morning we’re attending the baptism of Jillian: the 8-month old daughter of our friends, Jim & Kendra. Are we supposed to bring a gift to a baptism? A gift for the baby? The parents?

We’ve received a few holiday cards already. I hadn’t even thought about ours yet. I guess I should do that. It was a little funny that we received one from DIRECTV. It included a $10 gift card for DisneyShopping.com, which I thought was pretty cool since I’d like to buy The Little Mermaid on DVD. So, I logged on and it was $19.99. So, you’d think the $10 would be nice, right? Nope… after $2 for sales tax, they charge $8.50 for shipping! It’ll be cheaper if I buy it at BestBuy.  Lame.

Mom and Dad leave for a two-week vacation in Thailand tomorrow. I’m so excited for them… and really jealous. Mom asked what kind of Thai things she can bring back for me. I told her I want jewelry and fabric…Thai silk. A few yards each of some really pretty tones like burgandy, hunter green, and navy. And, black too. Hmmm, champagne would be pretty too. I’d like to make myself a couple of A-line, knee length skirts. She’s also going to be on the lookout for some elegant ivory fabric that we can possibly use to make my wedding gown. Yep, that’s what I said… I’ve been brainstorming the possibility of making my own gown for a few weeks…instead of spending a thousand dollars on a store bought gown. Yeah, I know I could probably get it cheaper than $1000. But with my odd proportions, I would end up spending a lot on alterations. (I have a pretty long torso). Why not make it to fit me from the start? Plus, I just learned that Mom used to be very good at embroidery. A talent she learned years ago when I was little. So, our tentative plan is to use a pattern that I recently found, get beautiful and inexpensive fabric in Thailand, and I’ll get to design the embroidery the way I want. Most of the time, the embroidery on a wedding gown is very Victorian in stlye… meant to mimick lace. I want embroidery that is more asian inspired… like you’d see on a tradition Chinese dress. When I get it all figured out, I’ll post picture of my concepts. Of course, this isn’t a set plan, but it’s a really nice idea for now. If Mom doesn’t find any fabric that will work, then we’re back to square one.

No… we haven’t set a date. Technically we’re not seriously making any plans either. But Mom and Dad aren’t going back to Thailand again within the next couple of years. So, I thought we’d just get this taken care of.


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