I’m actually typing this on Sunday night… it’s gonna say Monday morning because Xanga only uses East coast time…

From reading Chris’ blog, I’ve learned that my parents made it to Thailand just fine. We got an email from Mom when they were in Japan telling us that their flight was delayed and they weren’t going to arrive in Khrungthep until after 2am. I’m glad they made it and have already had their first Thai foot massage.

I flew up to the Bay Area after work on Friday. Bill picked me up and we met up with Patrick and Veronica. We had some drinks and snacks at Chevy’s until they closed…which was at 11. Lame. Saturday morning Bill, Mark, Laikwan and myself drove to Hayward to our friend Vu’s office. We spent a little time chatting with his wife, Polly and 9-year old daughter, Kathleen. Before Bill and his parents all got their chiropractic adjustments, Vu spent some time figuring out what the heck was wrong with me. The diagnosis ended up being severe tendonitis in my shoulder and elbow along with the remanants of a pinched nerve that occasionally flares up in my neck. Basically, I had the pinched nerve issue for a little while… then the tendonitis decided to wreak havoc. They weren’t related I never knew tendonitis could be so painful. I’ve never had tendonitis anywhere above my waist before. When I was a teenager I had pretty severe tendonitis in both of my Achilles tendons and played soccer through it. But I actually don’t remember how painful it was… I just remember taking a couple of Advil before each game and wearing ankle support. So, Vu put my neck back in order and told me I need to completely re-evaluate my ergonomics at work and at home. And, even though as a chiropractor he doesn’t normally recommend taking medication, he told me to take an anti-inflammatory like Motrin or Aleve to help with the pain. I feel much better knowing it’s something manageable. My imagination was coming up with all sorts of health issues including permanent nerve damage or even a circulatory problem like a blood clot. Yeeeeeeeeeah.

After our we all had our spines popped back in order we drove out to Walnut Creek to Bill’s cousins’ restaurant: Tin’s Tea House Lounge. His cousins, Victor and Alice, originally had their restaurant in Oakland’s Chinatown. In fact, Mom used to go there often for lunch and is a big fan of their Chinese chicken salad. (you can read a little about the salad in the article linked above) She even arranged to have Tin’s cater the Holiday party at her work a few years back. A few years ago, they opened a second, and much larger, restaurant in Walnut Creek. After about a year of running both restaurants, they sold the one in Oakland. The restaurant in Walnut Creek has a much more trendy decor than the Oakland restaurant, it doesn’t scream “traditional Chinese restaurant.” But the food is still fantastic. Whether you’re there for dim sum or just there for a nice dinner, it’s very tasty. While I had eaten at Tin’s in Oakland many times, I had never been to the new restaurant yet. Bill’s been there a couple of times, Walnut Creek is a far drive from Newark; over 40 miles one-way. But, to be completely honest, I wanted to see the place because Bill and I will probably have our wedding reception here. I’ve always liked the idea of having a Chinese banquet reception with the traditional and symbolic dishes. The restaurant is beautiful and I think it will work really well for a banquet reception. There’s even a side patio that will work well for dancing… I think. Since we actually had lunch in one of the private rooms… (it wasn’t private just for us, all the rooms were open on a busy Saturday afternoon.) Alice took Bill and me on a little tour showing us how they had things set up for her cousin’s reception last year. She’s pretty experienced in catering, so I’m sure she’ll have a lot of good ideas. I just hope we can get a good deal out of her… especially since she’s family.

Today Bill and I slept in a little too late… I had that I’ve-slept-too-much grogginess for a while. We ran some errands. While driving around we discovered a Korean supermarket not far from our house. They had an impressive produce department that was giving free samples. We got some vegetable pot-stickers that we tried a sample of. Very tasty. We picked up some apples, green onions and leeks. We’re going to make a potato-leek soup this week. We also picked up some beef short ribs to make kalbi and some spicy marinated pork that was ready to cook. (in Korean it’s pronounced: day gee bul gogi) I’ve been looking for a recipe for this marinade for a little while, hoping I can get it from an actual Korean person instead of a random recipe on the internet. Funny note: they had Napa cabbage on sale: 20 pounds for $.99. Yes, I typed that correct. Napa cabbage is the kind used to make kimchi. We will definately add this market to our shopping list.

We cooked the marinated pork for dinner tonight and it’s currently making it’s way through my stomach… in a rather noisy way.  It was too spicy for my taste. I like spicy food, but this was so spicy, I wan’t really able to taste anything. I will continue my quest for a recipe.

We have a possum residing in our attic. We hear it each once in a while hanging out. Sometimes it’s noisy, sometimes we don’t hear it at all. Thankfully we haven’t started storing much up there, so nothing important could be damaged. Bill and I still haven’t confirmed where he’s getting into the attic. The only place we can think of is the vent on the roof above the kitchen. (where a stove hood would vent if we had one that vents) We got some mothballs today because we both read that possums don’t like the smell of mothballs. Perhaps this will convince him to find another residence. If it doesn’t, I’m calling animal control.

Most fun toilet EVER: http://www.fishnflush.com/


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