There are freesia plants sprouting in my front yard flower beds… silly flowers have no idea that it’s December. It’s in the 70s again today. Mother nature is always fooling herself in southern California. It makes it hard to figure out when to prune my roses. Although, for the first time… I actually know what I’m supposed to prune. Our neightbor, Glen, showed Bill how to properly prune them. We’ll probably do it soon.

It was amazing to see how many houses in our neighborhood had Christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving. And not just simple lights… wire-frame reindeer or cut-out nativity characters with white lights, inflatable snow globes, snowmen and Santa Clauses, lit candy-cane fences and lit Christmas trees on the roof. And that’s just on our street! The inflatable decorations are really popular in southern California this year. My favorite are the Santas. When deflated it looks like Santa passed out on the lawn. I don’t know if we’ll put up any lights this year. All we have are the plain white lights. Maybe if I can convince Bill to help we’ll put some up.

I was lazy this morning and didn’t make myself a lunch. Thankfully the office got CPK for lunch. So, I’m enjoying some chinese chicken salad, italian chopped salad and garlicky tomato and basil pizza. I don’t really eat there often. In my opinion the food is overpriced for it’s quality… a little too yuppie for me. But, I was happy to get a free lunch. Mmmmmm. I’m currently trying to design a couple of Halloween costumes for dogs. These will be car costumes: one sports car and one Volkswagen Beetle-type car. This has not been an easy task. I’m already decided on Porsche-looking wheels for the sports car and I’m still deciding on a spoiler. The Beetle-type car will probaby be a mix of the classic Beetle and the new Beetle body styles. This is in addition to the Spiderman beanie and gloves set and the Mickey and Minnie fleece beanie and scarves. At least my work isn’t boring!


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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