I had a review today at work. I guess Adam gives everyone a review at the end of the year and I’m happy to report that I’m continuing to kick ass. I got a surprising bonus and a raise that will take effect at the first of the year. It’s a nice relief to have some extra money just before Christmas. Even though I’m making a bunch of gifts this year, it’ll just make things easier.

I’ve come to the realization that I have a really hard time waiting until Christmas to give gifts. I ordered a couple of things for Bill and I couldn’t wait to give them to him as soon as they arrived. I even had one sent to Mom & Dad’s house so he wouldn’t even see the package… I gave it to him last night. A couple of weeks ago I gave him Ming Tsai’s Master Recipes that included an autograph from celebrity chef, Ming Tsai. I was really happy that they honored my request to have the autograph made out to Bill instead of just a generic signature. It took a little longer, but it made it feel slightly more special. Last night I gave him two t-shirts I had sent to Mom’s house. One is a group picture of the entire cast of Family Guy. (everyone, even the minor characters) The other is a tshirt with a graphic from a computer game we used to play in elementary school called Oregon Trail. If you’re old enough you’ll remember that you had to go hunting for food. The shirt shows that even though you would shoot every animal that showed up on the screen, a few thousand pounds worth, you could only carry 100 pounds on your wagon. Bill recently found the game and downloaded it on his laptop. It’s still fun to play. Especially when you have to figure out how to cross a river with your wagon: do you wade across? do you try and float across? or do you pay a local native to help you across? All the time hoping someone doesn’t drown… or worse, your oxen drown! Of course the real challenge was making it to the Pacific with all of your family still alive. Someone always died of a snake bite or dysentery. I think playing this game was one of my first experiences ever using a computer.

Yesterday jetBlue announced that they will be removing a row of seats from all of their A320 aircraft to help save money. After talking about it will Bill it’s doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Removing the six seats will help make aircraft a little lighter (an average of 900 pounds) and save some fuel. They will also save by flying with three flight attendants instead of four. The FAA requires one flight attendant for every 50 passengers. Removing those six seats brings the aircraft’s capacity to 150 from 156. They say this will save them $30 million over the next five years. They will start removing seats in January and plan to be finished in March. Passengers sitting in front of the exit rows will end up having 36 inches of pitch. (distance from one seat back to another). Passengers seated behind the exit row will have the current 34 inches. That’s still a lot compared to coach seats on other airlines… which averages 31 to 32 inches. I don’t mean to sound like a press release, but it’s decisions like these that affect us and will hopefully bring jetBlue back into making a profit. Bill would really like some profit sharing again.

The people who own the building I work in provided a catered lunch today for everyone who works in the building. I guess they do it every December. It was actually really good. We had baked ziti, an italian chopped salad and random sandwiches along with a tray of cookies. A nice thing to have for a bunch of people who really only see each other in passing… or in the bathroom. “Hey, I recognize those shoes!” Plus everyone loves a free lunch.

We took a group portrait yesterday to send to all the factories we work with overseas in a holiday e-card. It was interesting getting a good shot because Moose got bored really fast and wanted to leave. But, you can get a good idea of just how big he is in the picture.

Aren’t we cute?


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  1. bevduhon says:

    Yay for kickin’ ass!  Congrats on the raise and awesome surprise bonus.  A little extra $$ never hurts, right?
    I LOVED Oregon Trail!  Wow, that takes me back…
    You’re right, that’s one big dog! 

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