A lot has gone on in the past few days. Bill and I got some shopping done while trying to avoid malls and busy parking lots. I went to work on some sewing projects that will hopefully result in a few nice Chirstmas gifts. I had a few moments of panic and frustration when the belt that propells my sewing machine broke. We searched the local Sears (it’s a Kenmore machine) with no luck and was directed to the Sears Parts & Repair Center down the street. We learned that they don’t make that belt anymore… the machine is probably 30 years old. The gentleman at the shop searched around and found a belt that was the right size. At first the belt didn’t work right when installed, but after it warmed up a bit the machine began working somewhat normally. I’m still have problems keeping the tension on the thread consistant. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And the needle has a tendancy to strike the base of the machine causing it to get duller faster. It definately didn’t like trying to sew through multiple layers of corduroy. I know it will give me some serious trouble if I try to work with some delicate fabrics… like silk. I’m going to try and get it overhauled soon and see if that helps. Maybe I’ll look into buying a new machine with some of my bonus after Christmas. Unless Santa brings me one. Bill spent much of the weekend making chocolate chip cookies and homemade puff pastry for holiday parties at airports in Long Beach and Las Vegas. He also bought a rib roast with plans to have a couple of people over for New Year’s. We’re not sure if we’ll do something New Year’s Eve or just Saturday night.

Bill worked in Las Vegas today and will fly to JFK from there later tonight. He’ll arrive in Richmond tomorrow morning. Since James has the week off, I’m sure the two of them will do all sorts of manly things like shooting guns and eating beef. I’m planning on flying out there Thursday night after work. There are actually seats available. I think Christmas being on a Monday this year has helped those of us trying to fly stand-by. If all else fails, I can always fly to Washington DC and Bill and James will pick me up. It’s about two hours driving from Richmond. With James driving, perhaps and hour and a half.

I’ve been very worried about a friend who has been in the hospital over a week. Riki is one of Mom’s best friends and has a bleed in the carotid artery in her brain. She has had two minor strokes since being hospitalized and I just learned that she refused the surgery the doctors had scheduled for yesterday to repair the bleed. She’s a nurse in the ICU at Washington Hospital, so she’s knowledgeable of the procedures and risks, but it’s very scary to think she’s saying no to surgery that will prevent a massive stroke sometime in the near future. As Mom put it, it’s a ticking time bomb. We don’t know all the details and Mom hasn’t been able to visit her yet. Hopefully we’ll know more then. She’s way too young to be dealing with this (I don’t think she’s fifty yet) and her kids don’t need to deal with this only a few years after they lost their dad to a very sudden heart attack. Her kids, Katie and Martin, are both in college. If you are someone who prays, please add Riki to your prayers.


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