I’m happy to report that my mom’s friend, Riki, is doing much better.
She’s no longer in the ICU and the bleed in her brain seems to be
healing on its own. Also, the only part of her affected by the stroke
is in her throat; she still has a hard time talking and swallowing. She
can still walk. Although she is still in the hospital, and we don’t
know when she’ll be able to go home, I’m just glad she’s no longer
critical. Whew.

We did have one casulty of the New Year’s holiday weekend… our beloved Magic Bullet
broke while trying to chop up some parmesean cheese. It’s very
disappointing. And, of course, we’ve had it for more than one year, so
the warranty has expired. It’s the only product I’ve owned from an
infomercial that we actually used a lot. And the infomercial is pretty
irritating. We mande countless smoothies, milkshakes, margaritas, pesto
sauces, peanut butter, meat rubs, purees and spreads. Plus we used it
to scramble eggs, grind spices, whip cream and puree pretty much
anything. It was a small but powerful blender that made everything easy
for single servings. We’ll probably email the manufacturer and see if
we can get a replacement part… but I have a feeling that they’ll say
no. I’ve read many reviews from pissed off customers who had the same
problem. There are many Magic Bullet sets for sale on eBay… the
cheapest place to get a new set of anyone is interested. It sells for
$60 at Macys and $140 on the Magic Bullet Website. (they send you two.)
I also saw the power base on eBay for sale on its own…. that’s what
we need replaced. I might try and bid on that. So sad.


About wobetxela

Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. stebow says:

    So sorry to hear about the Magic Bullet.
    You will be pleased to know that Riki is out of the hospital and safely home. Whew indeed.

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