I’m flying to New York tonight with Patrick to spend tomorrow in Manhattan. Tonight we’re actually flying to IAD (Washington DC) and then on to JFK. The flight to IAD is only half full so we’ll have an easier time sleeping and get in to JFK around 7am instead of 5am. Plus, the second leg into JFK will give Patrick an opportunity to fly on an Embraer E190. I’ve flown on one many times, he hasn’t had the opportunity yet. It’s the smaller plane that jetBlue flies with only 100 seats instead of 156 on the A320. We’ll fly to Oakland tomorrow night and I’ll fly home sometime on Sunday. It’s a high probability that we’ll have rain tomorrow, so I’m trying to be prepared. I need to pick up one of those small pocket umbrellas. We’re going to try and visit the Statue of Liberty since neither of us has seen it up close. The closest we’ve been is on the Staten Island Ferry. Then we’ll head to Times Square for some photos. I’m not really sure if they will help at all… Time Square has changed a little bit since 1932. Just a little. If we have time, we might visit the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. They should have some photos of the subway in the early 30s along with an actual subway car. Other than that, we intend to have as much fun as possible and take some good photos. Some good food will fit its way in there too. I can’t go to New York and not have some pizza.

There was a little bit of excitement this week. On Tuesday jetBlue announced service from SFO (San Francisco) to New York and Boston beginning May 3rd. Tuesday morning David Neeleman (jetBlue’s CEO) and about sixty crewmembers took a ferry flight to SFO for the announcement and media conference. Bill went along with a couple of guys from his IT team. The ferry flight and announcement were kept secret until the day of… if you don’t include the rumors. Bill said the rumors were entertaining with crewmembers guessing where the ferry flight was headed. There was talk about Fresno, Reno/Tahoe and Albequerque. Bill tried to fuel the rumors by adding Hawthorne and Torrance airports… both are municipal airports. Their runways aren’t long enough for commercial jets.

Too bad the media coverage sucked… that’s what they get for trying to get coverage the same day that Steve Jobs has his keynote speech at Macworld… and is announcing a potentially kick ass new phone/iPod. Oh well.

Here’s a very funny picture of Bill and Louie in front of the plane at SFO. That’s David Neeleman goofing off in the background posing like Richard Nixon. I think he’s trying to give Louie and Bill the rabbit ears. Bill and Louie didn’t even realize he was there until they looked at the picture later.


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