I had a fun weekend. Friday night Patrick and I flew to New York via Washington DC arriving just after 7am on Saturday. A 100mph tailwind got us to DC in four hours flat. Patrick slept almost the whole flight, I got about 20 minutes of sleep. Greeeeeeeat. We were expecting lots of rain. It was sprinkling when we got off the subway at Madison Square Garden… but it eventually stopped and we never needed our umbrellas again. It was very cold when we arrived, but it warmed up to somewhere around the mid 50s. We had breakfast at a cafe nearby and spent some time exploring Times Square. It was just early enough that it wasn’t too crowded.

They really take billboards seriously in New York.

We stopped off at the M&Ms store. It was pretty cool with a lot of tshirts and candy. It smelled good inside. Patrick bought some peanut M&Ms in Oakland A’s colors; green and yellow. You could mix your own bag of M&Ms in whatever colors you wanted.

Patrick is smiling because I asked him to pose like the giant blue disco M&M. He obviously refused.

Next we took the subway south to Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry Building to view the Statue of Liberty. We had talked about taking the ferry to Liberty Island. But, because of heightened security, you have to make reservations 48 hours in advance. Oh well. We’ll try and visit again when the weather is warmer. The building shown coming out of Patrick’s face is Ellis Island. Another place we’ll visit on another trip.

We walked around the coastline past Battery Park and made our way to a nice view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.

Then we walked back towards uptown along Whitehall Street and Wall Street.

The US Custom House,
(which is now home to the National Museum of the American Indian and
the US Bankrupcy Court) is a beautiful Beaux Arts building in downtown.
The sculptures are magnificent and I think this is the museum that was
covered in slime in Ghostbusters 2. I have another image still in my camera of the whole front. I’ll post it later.

A shot of Trinity Church as we were coming out of a subway station. It’s a very classic example of Gothic Revival architecture.
I really want to visit the inside of this church one day. It’s on my
list of
It’s a long list filled mostly with museums and churches. I should
write it down one day.

We took a taxi to Chelsea Piers along the Hudson River. In the story I’m illustrating, the main character stopped at the White Star Line pier to view the Statue of Liberty. My research concluded that this was either pier 61 or 62 along the Hudson which is now part of the Chelsea Piers: a large, privately funded, sports complex (four piers in all) with a bowling alley, gymnastics arena, batting cages, climbing wall, ice rink, driving range, indoor soccer field, gymnasium with a track, health club, events center, maritime center, small cruise lines and a few restaurants. It’s a great place and one that I’ll visit again. Patrick really wanted to hit some golf balls from their 4-tier driving range. Here’s some history about the piers. Interestingly though, it doesn’t really have the best view of the Statue of Liberty. It’s a view of her back and it’s much farther away than the view from Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry Building. I might have to take some artistic license and illustrate a better view of Lady Liberty.

We had lunch at the Chelsea Brewing Company. Patrick had a great burger with guacamole and an okay blonde ale. I had a thin-sliced sirloin sandwich with provolone that was very good. They had a few soccer matches on that made it even more enjoyable.

Here Patrick is getting no cell phone reception as we wait for the subway to take us back to the airport. We made it back to the airport via the AirTrain that connects to the subway. (very convenient) We flew to Long Beach on a flight that seemed to last FOREVER! Because of that pesky headwind it was just over six hours once we got in the air… we sat on the taxiway for about an hour. Only an hour is pretty good for JFK. Some have waited for much longer. Thankfully we didn’t have to stop along the way to get more fuel. I watched some TV and took little naps here and there. It wasn’t a full flight, so Pat and I had an empty middle seat between us. It made it much more comfortable. Bill and Veronica met us at Lucilles after we arrived for some delicious BBQ. Bill had worked Thursday and Friday in the Bay Area and V flew down with him Saturday evening to hang with us on Sunday. Patrick had BBQed chicken and baby back ribs. Veronica had a BBQed chicken and carmelized onion quesadilla (I just had her leftovers for lunch. Mmmmm, thanks V!) Bill and I shared some BBQed tri-tip and brisket with mac n cheese. It was very tasty, but I was seriously running on fumes.

When we got home I have very little memory of what I did. I helped Bill set up the bed for Patrick and V and then I crashed…. and slept for eleven hours. It was quite nice. Bill made a carmelized onion and prosciutto quiche for brunch that was delicious. Bill made excellent fried chicken for dinner and christened our new 12″ cast iron pan. I made excellent buttermilk biscuits. I drove everyone to the airport later for their respective flights. Pat and V flew home. Bill flew to a -12 degree Salt Lake City. He’s there for three days with a company-paid-for computer class. Then he’s off to Seattle for a gate move. He’ll be home on Thursday. I’m hoping that I’ll make some serious headway on my illustrations with the house to myself. Doug (our roommate) is in Florida for the next few weeks working on the removal of a row of seats from all the jetBlue A320s. Doug is a maintenence supervisor in Long Beach.

Now that I have my camera back. I’ll post pictures from Christmas. But, I’ll do it tomorrow.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Looks like a fun trip.  I really enjoy New York and always wonder how things would have played out, had I moved there with AMC in 2000 as I had originally agreed to do.  Instead I quite AMC and went to Thailand for two weeks before starting my job with IKON and of course met Tawn while here.  The rest, as they say, is history.
    Still, I wonder what life would have been like being a New Yorker…
    Isn’t traveling SA a lot of fun?  When you can get on, you can take all sorts of fantastic trips.  Still, I think I prefer paying for it and knowing that you’ll have positive space.  Much less uncertainty when traveling.
    When are you going to answer my email about the scanner, BTW?

  2. stebow says:

    Sounds like a great trip. Were you able to get the info and the images you needed to do the illustrations?  Welcome home!

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