We had a quiet weekend. We did some grocery shopping, watched a couple of movies and I did a lot of work on my children’s story. I’m just about done with the preliminary sketches. Hopefully, I’ll be painting by tonight. We watched Mission: Impossible III. I was glad I didn’t spend the money to see it in the theatre. It was just alright. I was impressed with Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s performance; he was a great villan. I was hoping for better from writer/director J.J. Abrams who created two of my favorite shows Alias and Lost. Oh well. Bill and I both found a partricular trailer really funny… it was a trailer for a live-action film called Transformers. Yes, it’s about those “robots in disguise” we played with as kids. And it’s being directed by Michael Bay! (he brought us The Rock, Armageddon and Bad Boys) It seems like a potentially good science fiction film about the disappearance of the Mars Rover…then the transmision cuts out and then… you just need to watch it the trailer.

While Bill was in Salt Lake City I watched The DaVinci Code. It was much better than I was expecting. I’m a fan of the novel and when I learned that it would become a film, I automatically assumed it would suck. The novel has many many scenes where the main characters are sitting around explaining history and theories. To me, the information they’re telling is facinating, and I really liked the novel, but I didn’t think it would make a good film. The other book that Dan Brown wrote, Angels and Demons, if done right, will make a pretty good film. It’s only in pre-production right now and I don’t think they even have a committment from Tom Hanks to reprise his role as the symboligist, Robert Langdon. Much of it takes place in the Vatican… the areas where tourists aren’t allowed. I highly doubt they will be able to film there.

For the past couple of months I’ve found myself lurking around some wedding message boards on the web. I’m not making any wedding plans, but, it’s nice to have some ideas saved. I lurk mostly because I have found it really entertaining to read some of the rants and whines posted on some of the these boards. It’s hilarious to read about some of the friends and family members many of these brides have to deal with. It makes me very grateful to have such a cool family… well… that could change when it’s my turn to be a wedding planning bride. Some funny examples inculde the bride who’s mom wants the groom to wear makeup to cover his easily flushed skin. “He will look drunk in the photos!” she says. Or the bride who’s freaking out because her future in-laws just disowned their son because the bride didn’t put the future in-laws’ names on the invitation (her parents are paying for the wedding). Then there’s the bride who’s about to disown her whole family because her aunts and uncles each want to bring ten to twelve people. Only the relative and their spouse was invited and the bride and groom are paying for the whole wedding. Then some ask about those unnecessary little details that brides spend insane amounts of money for: The chairs at the site are ugly, should I rent silk chair covers or chivari chairs? Am I being greedy if I fell in love with two wedding gowns? Where can I get monogrammed matchbooks in my colors? Who can recommend a good lighting designer?

Am I a bad person for finding entertainment in these brides’ excessiveness and troubles?

One cool thing I’ve found on these message boards… many brides who are trying to DIY their invitations and programs don’t have any experience using Adobe programs for the graphics. They’re stuck with pixelated jpgs and don’t know what to do. I’m going to subtly offer my skills and see if I can make some money doing it.


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