We discovered a new restaurant near our house. It’s called Ricci’s Italian Delicatessen and Restaurant. It’s shabby-looking, tiny and located on Bellflower Blvd right next to Hwy 91 in Bellflower. It has a tiny parking lot and when you walk in, it looks like a meat market with Genoa salami, Parma Ham and random cheeses in the deli case. You can get imported spumoni, lemon ices, ricotta cheese and sausage. In the back is a little restaurant that is cozy and comfortable. The ambiance caused both us to resist the urge to shout “sona affamato!” and then worry that we’ll be so full that we’ll “explode all over the walls.” With the “” I’m referring to one of our favorite comedians John Pinette who’s comedy is themed around different kinds of food, buffets and doing random things at his large size… the images on his website are his current size. He lost 100 pounds last year. Image how big he was then! If anyone has ever been an overeater or is just someone who loves to eat, you will laugh out loud to his CD. I’ll see if I can post the audio on here.

Anyway, back to the restaurant… Bill had their lasagne and I had half ravioli and half spaghetti with a tasty marinara sauce. You have the option of ordering a-la-carte or ordering the full dinner. The dinner comes with salad, soup, garlic bread, ice cream and drink. It’s a much better deal to have the dinner knowing full well that you will be taking most of your entree home with you. Their homemade minestrone was fabulous. For dessert, Bill had their vanilla ice cream and I had rasberry. Mine was more like a very rich sorbet… very good. We will definately go back here. It’s comfortable, tasty and the service was great. The charming Italian man who we think might be the owner came over more than once to make sure everything tasted good. And when we were leaving, he gave us a 10% off coupon to get us to come back. And we will.

Tonight we’re flying to Las Vegas for the weekend. Bill’s friend, a former jetBlue employee, Eugene, is flying in from Seattle along with a few of his friends. So, Bill, Louie, Nicole and I are meeting everyone for a fun mini-vacation. We’re supposed to be staying at Paris, but we don’t have a confirmed reservation because we’re supposed to get a hook up from a friend of a friend who works there. It sounds shady, but Bill and Louie are optimistic that we’ll have a place to sleep for the next two nights. We don’t have any firm plans on activities… we never do. We’ve talked about visiting one of the nice buffets… probably Bellagio or Wynn. And Bill would like to have dinner with everyone at Lawry’s Restaurant on Saturday night. They are very well known for their prime rib. I’ve heard they actually prepare it at your table. You’ve probably seen their steak sauce at the grocery store.

Is it odd that when we plan a vacation, whether it’s a couple of weeks or a couple of days… we tend to plan it around the food that we will get to eat?


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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