We had a fun and exciting weekend in Las Vegas. We flew out Friday evening with Louie and Nicole with plans to meet up with their Bill & Louie’s friend and former co-worker Eugene, who had flown in from Seattle. We checked in to the Paris hotel and had dinner at their buffet. It was tasty with a lot of regional French cuisine. I pretty much eat my money’s worth with the French desserts. Mmmmm. After dinner, Nicole and I opted for a nap since both of us had been up early for work while Bill and Louie tried to win a few million dollars playing $5 blackjack. After my nap, I came down and played a bit with Bill and Louie. We finally went to sleep around 3:30 am. Thank goodness I’d had that nap.

The view from our hotel room. Pretty awesome!  That’s the Bellagio past the Eiffel Tower.

And with the fountains on.

Saturday morning I woke up with an engagment ring on my finger. Bill asked. I said yes. Then we headed for another buffet.

Here we are outside Paris. Do we look different now that we’re engaged?

The Bellagio fountains during the day. After 4pm, there’s a different show every half hour. The fountains are in sync to music. That’s Caesars behind the fountains on the right.

Inside the Bellagio they have a beautiful botanical garden that is changed often to reflect the current season or an upcoming holiday. Since Chinese New Year is a couple of weeks away, it was decorated to celebrate the Year of the Pig.

The pig actually wiggled it’s snout, ears and tail periodically. There were dozens of different kinds of orchids, citrus trees and chrysanthemums. All symbolic of the new year.

A couple of close shots of some of the orchids they had on display. I apologize for the crappiness of my camera, I had to use the flash.

We had lunch at the buffet at the Bellagio. It’s my favorite of the buffets that I’ve tried. Nicole tried King crab for the first time. They had excellent prime rib… which I think is a requirement to even have a buffet in Las Vegas. “Must provide excellent prime rib and crab legs on Friday and Saturday nights.” Nicole also tried creme brulee for the first time. We took our time to allow the food to settle and then walked to Caesars to play a little and caruse the Forum Shops.

Louie at FAO Schwartz. As he was about the pose for me… an employee walked passed and here Louie is saying, “dude, it’s not what you think.”

After wandering around for a couple of hours we headed to the Peppermill for a late, and light dinner. We had talked about going to Lawry’s Prime Rib for dinner. We nixed that one when we remembered that Louie and Nicole always order beef cooked well done. We didn’t want to get kicked out of the restaurant. Then we thought about going to the Hofbrauhaus which is a lot of fun and had my vote (Where every day is Oktoberfest!). Again fearing that picky-eater Louie wouldn’t eat anything we let them pick a place. The Peppermill is a pretty good restaurant that’s a few notches better than a Dennys with diner food and some attempts at higher class entrees. Bill had a fancy-looking omelet, Eugene had chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Louie had eggs and chorizo with beans and Nicole had a chicken teriyaki stir fry that is served inside a pineapple. I had a BLT and onion rings. It was tasty and probably a much better idea than going to another buffet. After dinner we went to the Wynn casino and played nickle slots until Bill and Louie had enough points to win free buffets for Sunday. Yes, another buffet. By far, the most I’ve ever had in one weekend. The Wynn is gorgeous inside and I like playing there because they have an incredible ventilation system that pretty much sucks all of the cigarette smoke out of the air. It actually smells like clean laundry in that casino.

Bill and me outside the Wynn. See my new bling?

Next we went to the Sahara which Bill and I have found always has table limits within our budget. Sure enough, we played some $5 blackjack with an entertaining Egyptian dealer named Yehia (pronounced Yah yah) He even tried to cast a spell on the cards for us to help us win. Sometime around 4am Nicole and I left and took a taxi back to Paris. Bill and Louie were back around a hour later.

Sunday morning we dragged ourselves out of bed with minutes to spare before check-out time. We bid goodbye to Eugene who had a 10am flight back to Seattle. After checking our luggage with the bell desk at Paris, we spent some time walking up the Strip towards the Wynn. The weather was beautiful and sunny with temps in the low 60s. It was chilly in the shade and really nice in the sun. We stopped at a few smaller casinos to play some slots. We had fun playing this new Wheel of Fortune slot machine where it’s a giant wheel and all the players are sitting in love seats around it. When you get to the bonus round the giant wheel spins revealing your winnings. It’s loud and a lot of fun to play… especially since it’s a penny machine! Bill played it on Friday and won 10,000… pennies.

The buffet at the Wynn was fabulous. The King crab legs were tastier and much larger than the ones at the Bellagio. The creme brulee was perfection and possibly better than one I had in Paris… France! I can’t elaborate too much there… it was my third buffet in three days. I don’t think I can ever do that much food in three days again.

We headed back to Paris so I could get a souviner shot glass. While we watched Louie play some roulette, some odd-looking dancers started performing in the middle of the casino. The girls were dressed in fish-net stockings and patent leather and the one guy looked like a bad cross between the Lord of the Dance and either Sigfried or Roy. He had a possibly fake French accent and we had absolutely no idea what he was saying. They all danced to modernized can-can music. It was a bit on the bizarre side… so we thought we’d take picures with them.

When we were back at Paris, Bill and Louie called a co-worker to check on the load of our flight home. Alas, the 20 seats that were available the night before were gone and we had a bunch of revenue stand-bys in front of us. We weren’t going to get on that flight. Instead we headed to the airport to rent a car and drive home. It’s about a four hour trip when there’s very little traffic. We stopped at Primm, NV for a quick dinner. It’s one of the last places to gamble before you get to the state line. While Nicole and I waited for the food… Bill and Louie disappeared. Sure enough, I found them at a blackjack table where they had just won enough to pay for the dinner that was waiting for them.

Since we left kind of late, we had no traffic and were home in three and a half hours. Of course, it was after 3am when we got home. I was exhaused and my stomach was not happy with my weekend eating habits. I called in sick today and am getting as much painting done today as I can for my freelance project.


So, yeah…. it’s official now. We’re looking at getting hitched in October of this year; possibly the first or second weekend. I’ll be sending out a “save-the-date” email within the next week or so to let those who will be invited when the big day will be.


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4 Responses to

  1. christao408 says:

    Congratulations!  Tawn and I were beginning to think that maybe the wedding wouldn’t happen this year.  But then there’s this surprise twist and you wake up with an engagement ring on your finger.  Wait a minute – isn’t he supposed to ask BEFORE he puts the ring on?  I don’t know the correct etiquette on these things.
    Anyhow, Tawn and I are very excited for you and hope to be there.  We have a wedding on September 1st that we’ve committed to attend and it is in the Bay Area, too, so back-to-back trips will be a logistical and financial challenge.  But, as they say, where there is a Bill, there is a way.
    Let me ask you, though: how do you manage to remain looking so slender when you eating those buffets?  Tell me your secret!

  2. bevduhon says:

    I love how you so nonchalantly slipped that in there, oh btw, I woke up with a ring on my finger and we’re engaged now.  Honestly, I was expecting flash animation and sound effects to accompany this highly anticipated announcement.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Wow, I’m so excited for you both!  Now you have a legitimate excuse to lurke on the bridal message boards, as if the dramatic tales of bridezillas in training weren’t enough. ;D

  3. alextebow says:

    Chris,My secret is Adobe Photoshop! Just kidding. I don’t think I have a secret. I try to eat slow and I don’t eat until I’m so full that I feel sick, I hate that feeling. Vegas buffets are few and far between… maybe once or twice a year. And, I’m not so slender, I’ve put on around 20lbs in the last 6 months sitting on my ass at work. The sparkly rock on my finger just became my new motivation to get in shape. A great big “doh!” for the timing of two weddings. I really hope you guys can make it. I’ll let you know the finalized date as soon as we pick one.

  4. JerryandSue says:

    Alex -Congratulations to you both! I wonder who is happier – you and Bill or your folks. Now your Dad is going to have to sell some of those shares of Apple that he has been hording. Tell us about your dress (the one pictured on Tuesday’s posting) Color, material (silk), etc.? Are you still planning on making it? With your artistic skills I am sure that you can do the job!Take care, Love and best wishes to you bothJerry and Sue

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