The pet industry reached a new low in my eyes this week. My co-worker us currently designing a line of t-shirts for ferrets. Yes… that’s right, ferrets. I happen to know that it is illegal to have a ferret as a pet in the State of California. But, it is legal in many states. I had absolutely no clue that this was a market.

Bill and I have found a sit-com that is entertaining and caters to our sense of humor. We were both fans of the show Friends, especially in it’s later seasons, and Seinfeld. And, when both went off the air, we didn’t find another show to watch. Instead we sometimes watch reruns of Friends and That 70s Show.  This new show is called How I Met Your Mother. I have no idea when it airs, as we’ve been watching the first season on DVD, and I honestly have no idea how many seasons it’s been on. The premise is of a narrator named Ted (voiced by Bob Saget) telling his childen stories about himself when he was in his late 20s and the ups and downs of his single life up until he met their mother. Neil Patrick Harris plays a womanizing, shallow, self-centered friend who is hilarious and has great one-liners in every episode. They happen to live above a pub and are there every night. It’s hard to elaborate more, it’s really something that should be seen.

Continuing the TV theme today, Bill is extremely disappointed at the recent cancellation of the show Armed & Famous. The premise sounds horribly ridiculous… Five B-list celebrities go through academy training to become real police officers in Muncie, Indiana. They work the night shift with their beat partners and cameras follow them around like they do on Cops. The celebrities are: Eric Estrada, La Toya Jackson, Jason Acuna (Wee Man from Jackass), Trish Stratus (WWE wrestler), and Jack Osbourne. The show really impressed me. All the actors took the training very seriously and they all passed. It was pretty scary watching La Toya handle a gun. I think everyone else was scared too… They all experienced the taser. In fact, Trish was the only one who opted to be tased with the prongs. Out of the group, I think Trish and Jack Osbourne would make great police officers. Eric Estrada would as well, but he tends to preach to the bad guys too much. La Toya gained some backbone and started to overcome a paralizing fear of cats. A few of the arrests and conflicts seemed a little staged… but it could just be how it was filmed. I’m not sure. Apparently, critics all said the show was going to suck before it even aired. When it finally did air, everyone was really impressed. But, it was airing at the same time as American Idol, and was cancelled after just 4 or 5 episodes. Too bad.


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