I’ve been really busy this past week finishing up the paintings for my freelance project. I have touch-ups to do tonight on the last three paintings and I’ll be all done. I’m pretty sure Bill will be happy when I’m finished as I’m not much fun to hang out with when I’m pressed for time…and I don’t really do any housework.  We had intended to fly up to the Bay Area this past weekend to celebrate the start of Chinese New Year with Bill’s family. But, because of jetBlue’s weather and canceled flights woes, we didn’t even try. It was a little scary to see the sheer number of canceled flights and the media’s thrashing. Funny how the media focused on the length of time passengers had to wait on the plane and rarely mentioned that it was raining ice! As much as I want to defend the airline, they still made mistakes and are owning up to them. Hopefully there won’t be any permanent scars. One positive note for Bill: Sunday morning he helped out the ground crew in Long Beach and got to load bags into the belly of a DC-10 aircraft that was leased for a couple of flights. I think he has some pictures.

We did do some last minute cleaning Saturday evening as is the tradition for Chinese New Year. I don’t know the details, but apparently you’re supposed to have your house clean before the first day of the new year so an angel or spirit or whatever will bless wealth and prosperity on your household for the year. Heck, I’ll clean up if it’ll get me some wealth and prosperity. If we would have made it up to the Bay Area we would have gone out to dinner with Bill’s family. Bill and I, being unmarried, would have received a couple of red envelopes (lai see) from a few relatives after we wish them a happy new year. Bill was a little ticked that we missed out since it’s his last year receiving envelopes. Once you’re married, you give them to the kids.

This coming Sunday we will try to fly to Sacramento to visit an old soccer friend. This guy, Lou, was a referee mentor for both Bill and me since we were teenagers til we stopped refereeing around five years ago. He and his wife moved from Pleasanton to Camino last year. Camino is about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. We’re going to ask him to be the officiant at our wedding since he was a positive influence on us in the first few years we were dating. He has no idea we’re even engaged; I purposely didn’t send him that save-the-date email to keep it a surprise.

We have paid the deposit for a ceremony site. It’s nonrefundable, so there’s no going back now! We’re going with the Shadelands Ranch Museum, which is less than four miles from the restaurant. I’ll take more pictures of the site when we visit again. We have also selected a photographer and are waiting for a contract from him. We have plans to meet with him at the two sites in Walnut Creek next weekend. We’ll also take that time to meet with Alice and talk about some of the details of the reception. We’ll probably talk about beverage options, decorations and seating arrangements.

It’s finally starting to feel real to me…. not speculation or a “someday” thing anymore. (doing a little happy dance in my head)


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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