Bill took Friday off to make up for his 40-hour-day helping out in last weekend’s chaos with delays and cancelled flights. In my opinion jetBlue is recovering nicely from their mistakes. We watched CEO David Neeleman on David Letterman. It was a little awkward and Neeleman was visably exhausted… which was understandable; he’d been doing TV and radio spots since the crack of dawn that day. And he’d been awake  most of the week since all the bad weather problems started. I’ve never seen an airline CEO apologize as much as he has this past week. I think people are even getting tired of it. Neeleman announcing their Passenger Bill of Rights was kind of cool though… I’ve heard it’s really pissing off some other airlines.

Saturday we were supposed to help build a playground in downtown Long Beach as part of a service project jetBlue participated in with a non-profit called KaBoom. It sounded like fun. But Bill was dealing with a 24-hour stomach flu, so we spent the day vegging. I started some wedding invitation designs and talked to Mom about ideas for centerpieces and favors. I’m hoping to have some prototypes soon.

Sunday we flew to Sacramento to have lunch with a referee mentor of ours, Lou, and his wife, Sue. They moved from Pleasanton to Camino last year. Camino is a very small town about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. The moved to be closer to Sue’s parents who live in Pollock Pines. Lou is still very much involved with the California Youth Soccer Association in his area. We drove up to Camino in our rental and totally lucked out with the weather. While looking for the exit, it started raining and was very foggy. Plus there was about six inches of snow on the ground. After we missed the exit, we turned around at the first exit for Pollock Pines…which was fortunate as that was as far as we could go without chains. The CHP wasn’t letting any cars go further unless they had chains, snow tires or 4-wheel drive. We met Lou and Sue at a bar and grill in town. When I say town, I mean it literally… Camino has a small store, 2 bars, 1 brewery and a post office… that’s it. Very small. Anyway, over lunch we told them about our engagement and Bill said he needed to ask a huge favor. Lou immediately thought we were going to ask to use their house in Lake Tahoe for a honeymoon. We both laughed, as we hadn’t thought of that. Bill finally asked if Lou would do us the honor of performing the ceremony at our wedding. I think he was floored. Anyone who knows Lou knows that rendering him speechless is a difficult feat. He was really speechless and a little weepy. Although, he didn’t officially said yes, he didn’t say no either. We talked a little bit as to why we chose to ask him and ate our lunch. After lunch we drove to their house, which required driving on roads with many hairpin turns. Their house is beautiful and has a stunning view that goes on for miles. I took some pictures, but I haven’t had a chance to see how they turned out. We showed Lou our wedding website and the website for the Universal Life Church where he can get ordained. It’s very convenient and free! He needs to think about this for a bit…. but, we think he’s taking this a lot more seriously than we are… hence the time to think. We should have an answer from him soon.

It was a fun trip and we had a great time catching up with them. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other. And the flight times to and from Sacramento make for a nice day trip.

This weekend is looking to be a busy one. Saturday evening we’re meeting up with a friend to watch the Chinese New year Parade in San Francisco. After the parade, we’ll be having dinner at Scoma’s. I’ve never dined there, but Mom and Dad love eating there. Because it’ll probably be a late night, Bill’s co-worker, Mark, is getting us a discount at a hotel in the city.

Sunday we’re meeting with our photographer at the ceremony site in Walnut Creek to discuss direction and style. It’ll mostly give us a chance to meet him and get the contract signed and done with. Mom, Dad, Mark and Laikwan will be with us too. After, we’re all going to Tin’s to have lunch and talk to Alice about stuff there… probably beverage options, decorations, seating arrangements. I’m looking forward to getting this stuff done and some pictures taken so I can get going on designs for centerpieces and invitations.


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