It’s kind of funny some of the things I’ve learned at my current job. Did you know that Epcot has a mascot? He’s a purple dragon named Figment. Did you know that Epcot is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow? Did you know that Betty Boop was originally a poodle… and that she has a little white puppy named Pudgy? Did you know that Dora the Explorer‘s best friend is a monkey named Boots… and she has a cousin named Diego who rescues animals? I don’t think I would have learned any of this in the normal course of my life. I apologize to those who feel they have lost some important penguins on their iceberg… (you’ll have to read a blog entry from months ago to get an explanation of the penguin theory)

There have been a couple of new developments with wedding stuff. I have almost finalized the design for our invitations and I’m working out different paper options… I’ll consult my scrapbooking guru (Mom) this weekend. I’d really like to use regular stamps if I can, I keep making a prototype and weighing it on our kitchen scale. So far I have it down to 1.3 oz.  It has to be 1 oz. or lower to be able to use a .39 cent stamp. I did some printing at work on thinner paper and I think I can make it work.

I found a wedding gown on a website that looks very similar to the one I was planning to make. It’s gorgeous and only $250. If you’ve never shopped for a wedding gown, that’s an incredible price. The average bride spends around $1000 or more on her wedding gown. So, I spent a day pondering how important it was for me to make my gown. I consulted my email therapist (Kristen) and Mom, Jackie and Bill, and came to the conclusion that buying the gown will keep some potentially high stress out of my life.  No matter how laid back I am, it will still be a stressful day. And if I’m not completely satisfied in the quality of my gown (and I’ll be much more picky if I made it) well… I don’t want a feeling like that to influence my day. So, I ordered the gown and it’ll be here in a week or so. I figure that when it arrives, I’ll try it on and see how I feel in it. It’s not custom made, so if it doesn’t look good, then I can just return it and begin my practice dress with my original plan.

Bill and I are flying to Ft Lauderdale next weekend for a wedding. Bill’s work counterpart in Florida, Jim, is getting married. I’ve been looking for a dress and I’ve been having a hard time for two reasons: 1. I’m very picky. 2. I’m too old for a lot of styles and patterns in the specialty stores. I’m not a fan of bright or loud patterns, which are popular this Spring. Yesterday I visited Macys, Mervyns, JCPennys, and Kohls. I tried on a few dresses and found no winners. Saturday morning I’ll visit Nordstrom Rack in the Bay Area and see if I have better luck. It’s a Spring wedding in Florida… my generic black dress would be a little inappropriate.

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