I have two things that I’m excited to report.

Exciting thing #1: A little while ago I got an email from Lou stating that he’d be happy to perform the ceremony at our wedding. He wanted to do a little research about the legality of it all and what steps he will need to take to make sure it’s official. If Lou was uncomfortable with it, Bill and I were prepared to just get married the day before at City Hall and have Lou perform an unofficial ceremony. He and his wife joked a little that there’s a small part of Lou that leaned towards becoming a pastor. He was quick to remind me that NO, he is not going to start a church. What would it be anyway? The First Church of the Green Field Soccer Pitch? Said in a loud preacher-type voice: “…I am here to teach you the ways of soccer and the wills of the referees… Aleluiah! Feel the power of the spirit of Law Zero (spirit of the game), Law 18 (consistency) and Law 19 (Common Sense)!” Heheheheh.

Exciting thing #2: The wedding gown I ordered from JCrew arrived yesterday. I tried it on (Bill wasn’t home yet) and it looks gorgeous! It’s comfortable and fits really well. Its simple and elegant and exactly the kind of gown I wanted. I will probably have to have it altered a little depending on what kind of weight I loose between now and Oct 6th. Now that I see it and have tried it on, I don’t have any regrets about not making my gown. I don’t know if I’ll still feel this way in six months, but right now I’m thrilled to have this item checked off my list. If you’d like to see a picture of the gown, let me know and I can send you the link.

I’ve been discussing with Mom and Laikwan having a second gown to change into midway through the reception. Traditionally, a Chinese bride changes gowns three times to symbolize her new life. She actually changes after every third course of the banquet where there are ten courses. The number three in Chinese sounds like the word for new life or rebirth. (Little bit of info on Numbers in Chinese Culture.) I don’t want to have three gowns, but I’m happy to do two. My second gown will probably be a traditional Chinese qipao gown. I’m a little concerned that this style of gown won’t look good on my broad-shouldered, curvy frame. Most people wearing this style are thin with narrow hips and shoulders. Plus, they are traditionally worn ankle-length… an ankle-length gown on me will just look like it’s too short. Mine will have to be floor-length. This website has many examples of these gowns worn today. Since Laikwan is going to China next month, she’s going to take some photos of dresses I like and my measurements with her to have a gown made for me. Apparently this is the best way to get it done and not have to spend a fortune. Next weekend, we’ll take a trip to Chinatown so I can try on a few different styles and see which ones will actually work for me… if any. Stay tuned.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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