We had a fun and tiring weekend in south Florida. We flew out Thursday night to FLL (Ft Lauderdale) and arrived shortly before 8am. I never sleep well on airplanes, so I was dying for a nap when we arrived. We picked up our rental car and headed to our hotel. We stayed at a very nice Courtyard by Marriott in Aventura, FL. We totally lucked out and were able to check in to our room around 9am so we could take a nap before heading out. We had intended on meeting up with Jim and Jackie at an open house, but we were just a little too exhausted.

We decided to do a little exploring later in the afternoon and drove down to Miami and South Beach. Being that it’s the beginning of Spring Break… we didn’t even get out of the car and headed back towards Ft Lauderdale. Just not our scene. On the way back we stopped at a restaurant called Latin Cafe and enjoyed some Cuban cuisine. Bill had a breaded steak with black beans and rice and I had a Cuban sandwich. Well… not exactly Cuban. Mine had lettuce, tomato and mayo on it too. Both were very good.

After dinner we spent some time hanging out with Jim in his hotel room before bedtime. Jim works for jetBlue in FLL as the IT Supervisor. He’s Bill’s counterpart in FLL in charge of the stations in Florida and the Caribbean. This trip was actually the first time we were going to meet his fiance Jackie.

Saturday morning we drove out to the beach to relax and enjoy the gorgeous weather. The temps were in the 80s with a bit of humidity… but the breeze made it all relaxing and comfortable.

Even though the weather is very similar in LA right now, I wish I was back there. It’s surreal how clear and green the water is. Although having the sun set behind us is a little hard to get used to.

After we spent some time getting our daily allowance of vitamin D, we had lunch at a Greek restaurant near our hotel. It was a little pricey for Greek food, (pricier than I’ve ever seen before) but it was still good. The restaurant was nearly deserted at lunch, but it was obvious inside that they cater to a night crowd. We shared two appetizers: spanikopita and gyros with pita and tzatziki.

Jim and Jackie’s wedding was held at the Grand Palms Country Club near where they live in Pembroke Pines, FL. The ceremony was actually held in the round-about driveway where the valet normally drops off cars. The club laid out some astro turf and chairs and had them lead up to the beautiful fountain in the middle. If it had been less windy, the fountain would have been on.

The 18-month old flower girl needed some coaxing to start dropping petals. Her 3 year old sister is ahead dropping one petal at a time. They were both adorable.

Jackie and her Dad.

She may look bored, but it was one of the quickest ceremonies I’ve ever seen… only twenty minutes!

Pat walking back up the isle giving us a cheesy smile. Pat is Jim and Bill’s boss.

Here we are at the jetBlue table… sort of. One couple at our table had no idea who we were.

These two guys work for Jim. Erica in the middle is Manny’s (on the left) girlfriend.

This guy used to work with Jim. His wife’s name is Jen. (I can’t remember his name…) Jen was telling me all about their wedding a couple of years ago. They had it at Disneyworld. Very cool.

Here’s Pat again with his wife, Iris. We all finally got to meet Iris. Bill was convinced she didn’t exist… Iris was convinced that Bill didn’t exist. Pat and Iris always enjoy a weekend away from their two kids. One is 2 and half, the other starts Kindergarden this year. It’s not that they don’t like their kids, but I’m sure all parents enjoy having a weekend to themselves.

Jackie’s sister is giving a touching speech just before they cut the cake.

The flower girl is trying to sneak a taste.

Pat goofing off. We’re going to print this picture and post it in Bill’s office with the caption: “Louie did what?!?!?”

The bouquet toss was funny because the ceiling was really low.

The first throw hit the ceiling and landed on the floor and this woman practically dove for it. She didn’t want to give it back when everyone wanted Jackie to throw it again. Thankfully, this woman caught it the second time. She was hilarious after our friend Manny caught the garter… the DJ had him put the garter on her leg and for every inch above her knee Jackie and Jim would have ten years of happiness. Both of them played along and made it really funny.  Here’s the video.

The food was good, we both had pork tenderloin with a pineapple and mango chutney with potatoes and veggies. The music was fun and very loud with a lot of latin music and salsa dancing.

Here we are at the end of the evening. Jackie and Jim are currently relaxing in beautiful Jamaica.

We flew home very early Sunday morning as there’s only one non-stop flight from FLL to LGB. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and recoving from the time change. Not only did we fly over three time zones, but we lost an hour because of Daylight Savings time ending. We got home just before 10am and it felt like it was dinner time. We definately slept well.


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