A major congrats goes out to James who tried out for the SWAT team in his department and made it! There were two openings and four applicants. One applicant was a guy trying to return to SWAT… so it was assumed he’d get a spot. James said he worked hard and felt he was a little better prepared than the other applicants, but he said they were all tough competitors… when you translate James-talk to normal english, it means that James kicked everyone’s ass and it was an easy decision for the judges or whomever made the final decision. Congratulations James!

We spent last weekend up in the Bay Area. Chris and Tawn were in town for a couple of days from Bangkok before flying out to Kansas City. Since Saturday was St Patrick’s Day, Mom prepared corned beef and cabbage. Patrick made a fantastic soda bread and a beautiful triffle for dessert. Chris and Tawn had invited a bunch of their friends over as well and we all enjoyed the great food and lots and lots of good wine. It was a lot of fun. One of the highlights of the evening was Chris’ photo books. He made up very professional-looking books that combined his blog and photos documenting his first year living in Thailand. They are very beautiful and great heirlooms to give to his nieces. He did them on Shutterfly. He plans to continue them in the years to come, and I’m thinking seriously about making one documenting our wedding day.

Saturday morning I went with Bill and his mom to Oakland’s Chinatown to look at some Chinese dresses. We were hoping that I could try on a couple of different styles to see which looks best with my figure. Unfortunately we didn’t find any shops that carried more than one or two styles, and they weren’t very good quality either.  We walked around Chinatown and had a tasty lunch that consisted of seafood rice porridge and Singapore-style chow mein. Both were very good and I learned that Singapore-style chow mein has very thin rice noodles and a light curry sauce. We also stopped at a deli-type place that is known for really good rice noodles. We picked up some BBQ pork and curry filled pastries. Mmmmm. Our plan after lunch was to head down to Milpitas to the Great Mall. Apparently there is a dress shop that should have what we were looking for. But, we ran out of time. We’ll go again sometime before Laikwan leaves for China.

On the wedding front:

We did some calculating and brainstorming and we’ve decided that it’s going to be a little cheaper and a lot easier to hire a florist to make the bouquets and boutinneers. It’ll save us a potentially large headache a couple of days before and, knowing that we have to buy supplied and practice flowers, it’ll be cheaper.

I’ve ordered supplies for our favors and invitations. I’m excited to get those going. I was even more excited to learn that the prototype invitation I made is almost a perfect fit for an A6 sized envelopes.

We decided to scratch the idea of getting the custom-made bobble head dolls for the top of our cake. Instead, we’re going to use the blown glass bells that were on the cake at Mom & Dad’s wedding. It’s much classier and will work much better with the designs that I like.

If you pray, please pray for the well being of my friend Polly’s
reproductive organs. She had a nasty miscarriage last week and is still
recovering from what was supposed to be an outpatient procedure. The doctors were less than professional and she
lost a lot of blood and almost died. In the coming weeks she will find out how bad the damage is and if she’ll be able to have another baby. She and Vu already have two great kids; Kathleen and Andrew. I talked to Vu and he said Polly is in pretty good spirits and itching to be back on her feet again. Although, she is unsure if she wants to try to conceive again. I guess they could do the “cool” thing and go adopt a baby from the Philipines or Vietnam…


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