Our house smells heavenly today. Last night Bill baked ten dozen chocolate chip cookies to take to work for an employee appreciation BBQ. Bill said he expected to be working the grill most of the time and hoping to avoid having to sit in the dunk tank. Apparently all supervisors and managers will be taking turns sitting in the tank letting their inferiors take a shot at dunking them into ridiculously cold and dirty water. I’m interested in hearing how it all went.

Bill and I have found a tried and true recipe for chocolate cookies where they come out perfect (to our liking) every time. And I think Bill’s made them enough times that he has it committed to memory. A while back, we watched the episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown where he discussed the different recipes for chocolate chip cookies varying on what kind of cookie you want. There’s the traditional thin cookie, the chewy cookie and the thicker, cake-like cookie. The main difference between them is how the fat is incorporated. In one instance you melt the butter, in another it’s at room temperature. The cake-like cookies use butter-flavored shortening instead of butter.

Here are his recipes if anyone would like to give them a try.

The Thin

The Chewy

The Puffy

We use The Thin recipe every time and the cookies always turn out chewy and slightly crispy at the edges. I made The Chewy ones once and ended up with cookies that were way too flat… then I learned to use parchment paper…

There’s isn’t much going on with us right now… wedding planning has slowed considerably simply because there’s nothing to do right now. Work is good, Bill is good and I can only say so much about the weather… it’s sunny. But, being that it’s Friday and I was reprimanded for not posting last Friday (“You always post on Fridays!”)  I’ll start posting some recipes every Friday, that I have done and liked. Today, it’s cookies… I wonder if Bill has any leftovers.


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