It’s a quiet week so far with the bosses in Florida chatting things up with a new potential client. Loren and I spent last week designing purses and bags for a company owned by Mars, Inc. that the bosses were taking with them to pitch. So we spent the week coming up with art with the M&Ms, Skittles and Snickers logos. M&Ms and Skittles was pretty easy. But, it was very difficult for Snickers. Snicker’s doesn’t have a mascot or cartoon character and when we really researched it, Snickers has never really been marketed to children. This made it a little difficult to design purses and bags that someone in the “tween” market would buy. I’m really interested to see if things work out.

My car is causing me some worry… I had been having a little trouble for the past couple of months with the temperature light blinking at me periodically. Bill would put water in the radiator and the light would go off… for about a week. Last week it started binking again and before Bill had a chance to fill up the radiator, the Check Engine light came on too. The radiator is full again and the temperature light is off, but the Check Engine light is still coming on almost every day. My car is about eight years old and has over 130k miles on it. I’m trying to get some maintenence done on it down here, but I really miss being able to take it to Gunter (Veronica’s dad). I always knew that he would be honest with me and he really tried to explain things to me so I could understand them. I am probably worrying more than I should, my car will probably be fine… but I really fear getting stuck in the middle of a busy freeway or along side a road far from where I need to be. I’ve been stranded a few times before; one time on a road where my only option was to wait for someone to pull over and offer to help out. (this was before I had a cell phone) Now I have a cell phone and roadside emergency service that I can call, but the fear is still there. Of course, I should probably start looking to buy a new car. But given my hatred of buying a new car… I’ll save it for another day.

Last night Bill and I had dinner with Damon and Susan who had just flown in from Plano, Texas. Bill and Damon used to work together at one of the many dot com companies they both worked. A circle of friends was created and we’re all still friends even though we’re spread throughout the country now. Funny enough, no one lives in the Bay Area anymore, but most of us want to move back. Anyway, Damon and Susan are spending the week with Damon’s family. They came down from Alameda for his younger sister’s swim meet in Riverside. Since she was already on Spring Break this week, they decided to stay a few extra days and visit Disneyland. Damon and Susan will hang out tomorrow and they will all drive back to the Bay Area on Wednesday to spend the rest of the week. It was really nice to see them again.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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