I suffered extreme excitement and disappointment today. I believe Kristen could relate to this. I was at Panera today getting myself a grilled chicken dijon panini when I went to fill my cup with iced tea. There were two dispensers for freshly brewed iced tea. But I noticed the handles were labeled…! One said unsweetened, one said sweetened! I love southern style sweet tea. I’m not talking about the bottled sugary variety that’s made by Snapple or Lipton or Nestea… I’m talking about freshly brewed and sweetened with a carefully measured dose of simple syrup. I distinctly remember the first time I tried it when I was a teenager visiting the south for the first time. It was at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House in Savannah, Georgia in May of 1992. Anyway, no one serves sweet tea in California that I’ve found, except Lucilles. So, I was surprised and excited to see the two different labeled iced teas at Panera. Then the disappointment hit me when I realized that there was no sweet tea… they were both regular and the handles meant nothing. Talk about a let down. In protest I put six packets of sugar in my iced tea today.

This weekend looks like it’s going to be pretty packed as all of our weekends in the Bay Area are. Saturday morning I’m schduled to meet with a florist in Oakley who works out of her home. She comes very highly recommended on more than one wedding message board as being professional, reliable and inexpensive; my favorite combination in all of this wedding stuff. I’ll be going with Mom and Laikwan. Afterwards we’re going to the Great Mall to look at Chinese dresses. We’ve tried to do this on a few weekends and have always run out of time or I had to head to the airport early to catch the only flights that weren’t full. Later in the evening I’m going to PF Chang’s in Palo Alto with Bill, Patrick, Veronica and Grandma. The four of us are taking Grandma out as her belated Christmas gift. We don’t get enough opportunities to spend time with Grandma outside of a birthday party or holiday. I don’t know what’s in store for Sunday. It’s a little weird not having anything specific planned.

I have some projects that will finally be completed that will go with me this weekend: a few picture frames for Mom of photos from Thailand, and a quilt I made for Bill’s aunt that Laikwan will take with her to China next week. Kinda funny story about the quilt… When I met this aunt last year (I don’t know her name, I’m just supposed to call her Auntie), she stayed with us for a weekend (she lives in China) and she admired the quilt I was making for Mom. It’s the simple two-sided kind that has a pocket at the bottom. The whole quilt can be folded and tucked into the pocket where it becomes a pillow. She asked that I make one for her when I got a chance. Well, I had been waiting for some fabric to go on sale and she jokingly would ask if her quilt was done yet when Bill or Laikwan talked to her on the phone. Last week or so Laikwan was trying to find out what family members in China were going to fly out for our wedding. This aunt wasn’t sure if she wanted to make the long trip. So Bill is trying to guilt trip her and told her she has to fly out to pick up her quilt. So, now that it’s almost done, Laikwan wants to take it with her to China next week to taunt Bill’s aunt, show it to her and let her see how good it looks. Then Laikwan plans to bring it back home. Mean!!! In the mean time, I’m pretty happy with it so far. One side is a pink cherry blossom pattern in simple quilter’s cotton, the other side is a burgandy cotton fleece with small, embroidered flowers that are spaced around six to seven inches apart. I put together a spiral-looking quilt square for one side of the pocket like this:

It turned out pretty cool. I’ll take pictures when it’s all done. This quilting stuff it so much easier when the fabric doesn’t stretch.


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