A while back I watched a documentary about American photographer Spencer Tunick. He’s a bit famous for photographing hundreds to thousands of people nude in public places, normally a city or national landmark.

You can see more of his art here.

I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary as it followed him throughout the process of photographing a couple thousand people along a riverbank in Sydney. He was obviously worried that no one would show up and the project would be a failure. It seems he feels that way before all of these shoots. The end result was a beautiful landscape with a sea of different skin tones contrasting with the blue sky and the industrial skyline. He normally has all of the models sit, stand or lay very close together so they become an abstract shape. The models are all volunteers who sign a photo release and get a signed copy of the print when it’s complete. From what I’ve seen so far, I really like his work. His largest “installation” was around 7000 people for a project in Barcelona. He’ll be in Mexico City next weekend for an installation at Zocalo Square. He’ll also be in Amsterdam later this year. I’m not quite sure why I like his work, I’m still trying to figure it out. Maybe it just facinates me. Maybe it’s the hippie blood that runs through my veins. If I could afford the prints, I think I would even hang a couple of them in my house. (I wonder if Bill would be cool with that?) I think the nude body, male and female, is really beautiful, in any color, when it’s healthy and has curves. Skinny, malnourished fashion models are just boring to me. I always disliked it when we had a skinny model in my drawing classes. It’s probably why I’m such a big fan of Renaissance art… now those were women! You can visit his website and sign up to receive information about future installations and to be a model. If he ever comes to LA or the Bay Area, I might just sign up.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. bevduhon says:

    I watched a Tunick doc a few years back chronicling his cross country treck in the pursuit of taking a nude in each of the United States, and I too was fascinated.  Not sure I’d go so far as to hang them, at least not while Em is young, but they are something to behold nonetheless. 

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