We had a nice weekend with really beautiful weather, sunny and around 70. Michael and Sara flew down Saturday around lunchtime. We met them at the airport so Bill could talk to “a friend who knows a guy who can get a great deal on a car rental.” A little while later Michael and Sara were following us to Sushi Studio in a convertible Mustang. Very cool. After lunch we dropped them of at their hotel in downtown Long Beach and headed home. They had plans to see the musical Wicked in Hollywood that evening.

Saturday evening Bill and I met up with Louie and Nicole. We drove to LA to see the Kims of Comedy at the Wiltern Theater in Koreatown. It was just four stand-up comedians who are all of Korean descent. The most well known of the four is Bobby Lee who has been the token Asian guy on Mad TV for six years. He was also in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and has made a couple of appearances on Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia. The other three comedians were equally funny: Kevin Shea, Steve Byrne and Dr. Ken Jeong (yes, he’s a real doctor) Out of the four comedians, Steve Byrne was my favorite. He joked about growing up being half Korean and half Irish. Kevin Shea was funny too, although there was a lot about him that reminded me of a guy I know named Jackson. He had a bit about how no one ends up with the career they dreamed of when they were kids. He’s never met a princess, or a ninja, or a Transformer. After the show I bought a t-shirt with his web URL on the back. The front says, “I fight decepticons.” The show was a lot of fun and it was nice to go out with Louie and Nicole.

On Sunday Michael and Sara came over and we grilled some burgers for lunch. We hung around and they told us how awesome Wicked was. We watched the Kims of Comedy DVD that Bill bought and enjoyed the laugh. Later we had a somewhat late dinner at Lucilles. Michael really missed Lucille’s BBQ tri-tip. I dined on trip-tip and brisket. Bill had pulled pork and beef ribs. Sara had tri tip and hot links. As always, it was fabulous and our fridge is full of leftovers.

Michael enjoying his BBQ.

Michael and Sara aren’t flying home until later tonight, so we’ll probably get together for dinner before they head home. I believe they had planned to drive their convertible down PCH to Huntington Beach for the day.

Later this week Bill and I are going see Top Gun at a local theater. Regal Cinema’s has been showing various “flashback” films since February at a handfull of thaters. Other movies screening this summer include Ghostbusters, Grease, Scream, and The Fifth Element. We might see Ghostbusters, but the rest I have no desire to see on the big screen. I haven’t seen Bill this excited to see a movie in a very long time, Top Gun is one of his all-time favorite films. I’m a little bummed we just learned about it this weekend. We’ve already missed most of the screenings. I really would have liked to see The Karate Kid, Young Frankenstein, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. I guess they also do this at a small theater in Berkeley. The films showing this summer include Jaws, Spaceballs, The NeverEnding Story and Goodfellas.

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  1. TawnBino says:

    Looks like Michael was enjoying his BBQ

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