Last night Bill and I thoroughly enjoyed a screening of Top Gun on the big screen at a small local theater. We purchased our tickets earlier in the week fearing the possibility of a sell out. We got there about thrity minutes early and was surprised to see that there were only fifteen or so people. In the remaining half hour before showtime, the theater almost filled up. Just before the show started a theater employee informed us that she had two bits of bad news… Number one: there were no trivia questions that night. I guess every Thursday night they screen a flashback film they have trivia questions. No big deal. Number 2: The film is missing about fifteen minutes. What?!?!?!? I guess when they got the film, they didn’t get all of it. Lame. Overall, we enjoyed the film. It was scratched and grainy and the sound quality wasn’t that good. We have better surround sound at home. The missing fifteen minutes was in the beginning during the pilots’ first training hop and the locker room scene where Iceman accuses Maverick that he’s too dangerous. “That’s right… Iceman. I am dangerous.” Oh well. It was still highly entertaining to watch the film with a large group of fans who clearly know the film by heart. We all sang You’ve Lost the Lovin Feeling together and we all quoted some of the famous lines like, “You’re ego’s writing checks your body can’t cash!” and “I feel the need…. the need for speed!” We have plans to see Ghostbusters on June 14th. We’re hoping we can get a few friends to join us.

Yesterday turned out to be a very good day for Bill. In addition to seeing his favorite movie on the big screen again, he discovered that one of his all-time favorite TV, CHiPs, will be available on DVD for the first time on June 5th. He’s been waiting for it for a long time. He has two episodes of CHiPs on VHS… and we don’t even have a VCR!

On Tuesday, I received a text message from our friend Caroline that said, “Pack your bags, you’re spending the weekend in BUF!” I replied, “I am?” I talked with Bill a little bit and, we are. We’re flying out to Buffalo, NY tonight to spend it with Caroline and Kevin. Kevin lives in BUF and has a big house there, Caroline lives in Orange County but is kinda, sorta dating Kevin. Kevin works for jetBlue and was originally the guy who trained Bill in Ground Ops. He also trained Michael. Kevin isn’t in training anymore and I’m not sure what he does for jetBlue right now. I’ll have to get it clarified. I believe we will try to visit Niagara Falls and probably have some buffalo wings. I don’t know what else there is to do in Buffalo. We will watch the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday in what might be their last NHL play-off game this season. We had been rooting for them with hopes we could get a Buffalo Sabres/San Jose Sharks Stanley Cup… but the Sharks choked in the play-offs…. again. Either way, it should be a fun weekend.

I don’t have a recipe for this Friday, but I’ll talk about the fabulous chicken Bill has been making for the past couple of days. In a large pot he mixed dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, rice wine, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, green onions, cinnamon sticks, star anise, salt and pepper and cooked on low until all the flavors mixed well. The next day, he submerged a whole chicken and simmered it for…I have no idea how long, until it was cooked. The chicken skin ended up turning a blackish purple from the dark soy sauce. The resulting chicken was tender and had a fabulous sweet and savory flavor that was served over steamed rice. And he has a wonderful stock left over that he can freeze and reuse many times. The sauce goes well with any kind of poultry. We’ll probably try a duck with it later. I’m really looking forward to my lunch today.


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  1. christao408 says:

    We’ll gladly take the recipe for that chicken.

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