I got an email yesterday from our friend Caroline. She flew out to Buffalo last weekend to hang out with our friend Kevin. We had intended on to join them, but Friday afternoon Bill was coming down with a cold and there was weather moving in to New York causing ground delays. Flying stand-by was going to be a headache. So we opted not to go. We didn’t want to get stuck and the red-eye flight would have made Bill’s cold much worse.

It turned out to be a good thing that we didn’t go. Caroline had to wait in Boston for a flight to Buffalo for over four hours. On Sunday she was bumped off of every flight to Long Beach and had to stay overnight and call in sick on Monday. Not fun. She said she’s not going to fly for a while.

We spent the weekend doing some yard work and running errands. While Bill hung out in front of the TV sniffling and sneezing on Saturday, I did some random wedding stuff. I made a prototype of the invitation and began designing some pages for the program. I also finished drawing out the map that will go with the invitations. We’re planning to have a little get-together in a few weeks with Mom and some of her friends to assemble all of the invitations and the favors. It should be fun as I know there will be wine involved.

Sunday we traipsed around Orange County looking for BBQ stores. Bill has been interested in buying an offset smoker for the backyard. Last summer he tried smoking beef, pork and chicken and had a lot of success with it. It will be more economical for him to get a smoker with the amount he planned to do this year. A while back he saw a small, home-use smoker at Fry’s (of all places) for $99. He was in the Bay Area when he saw it, otherwise he would have bought it on the spot. We talked about it when he got home and we decided that I would buy it as his birthday gift… a bit early. There’s a lot of BBQ season between now and his July birthday. Sunday we drove down to the nearest Fry’s to us which is in Fountain Valley (a little south of Irvine) They didn’t have any. We fround a Barbeques Galore in Irvine that had a really nice smoker. But, it was too nice and way outside of our price range. We walked across the parking lot to a Home Depot to see if they have any. They had one that was much bigger than the one at Fry’s. And $60 more. We debated a bit. The sales guy at BBQs Galore there suggested Anaheim Patio & Fireside a few exits away. They didn’t have any either. Bill remembered that there was another Fry’s in Anaheim and we found it after making a few wrong turns. This Fry’s didn’t have any either. At this point, I’m voting to just go to Home Depot and buy that one. Bill wanted me to see the smaller one first before I made my decision. In the end, we drove all over north Orange County and still didn’t buy a smoker. It was an adventure made possible by nice weather and no traffic.

Last night we found the small smoker at WalMart, and it is indeed, a lot smaller. Too small in my opinion. It would barely fit a whole rack of pork ribs.  So, I told Bill we should get the bigger one at Home Depot. (which has almost triple the grill space). I think he swooned. The bigger one will be good to have if Bill wants to do some charcoal BBQ-ing or if he needs a second grill. These are the smokers we were looking at. Offset Smokers The bottom two being the ones we were debating between. I’ll probably go buy it next week. I can already smell the lovely BBQ scent…


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