Last night Bill’s friend Dave crashed at our place. He needed a place
for the night after flying down from OAK. Today he’s driving to Phoenix
for his son’s baseball tournament. Dave works with Patrick in Ground
Ops. For dinner the three of us went to Joe’s Sushi, the
all-you-can-eat sushi place near our house. It was very busy when we
arrived much to our surprise. Apparently this place is rapidly gaining
popularity. There wasn’t any room for us at the sushi bar, but we still
ate way too much at our table. My favorite roll of the night (of which
we shared three) was the California roll topped with pieces of lobster,
Japanese mayo and Ponzu sauce then baked under the broiler for a bit.
Sooooo good. The lobster was piping hot and the California roll was
still cold. Bill chatted with the sushi chef, Joon, who cooked (?) for
us last time we were there and got some fatty pieces of salmon sashimi.
We were a little disappointed that there wasn’t any Korean pop music
blaring. Bill made a joking comment and it started playing. I guess
their sound system is controlled by an iPod behind the counter. As
we were paying our bill, Joon came out and gave Bill a burned CD of
Korean pop music. We listened in the car and when we got home. It’s
fast and oddly entertaining with sounds reminiscent to Boyz II Men and
those bands whose music always ends up in teen movies from the 90s.
Good music to have around when one needs cheering up.

I’m going to play the stand-by game tonight with hopes of getting to
the Bay Area for this holiday weekend. The two jetBlue evening flights
out of LGB are full, so I’ll play the game at LAX instead. Between OAK
and SJC, I have eight Southwest flights that are possibilities. Bill
seemed to think I’d get a seat pretty quickly.

We have Patrick’s birthday party tomorrow and, I’m doing some shopping
in SF tomorrow morning with Veronica. I don’t think we have plans for
Sunday. Bill’s parents come home from China on Monday afternoon. Bill
and I will go pick them up from SFO. They’ve been gone for just over a
month. Bill mom had two dresses made for me for the wedding. I’ve excited to see what they look like. She also had two jackets made for Mom and a dress made for herself. Gotta love cheap labor.

Well, I’m off to LAX. Have a good weekend!

About wobetxela

Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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