Well, we had a great time spending around sixteen hours in Las Vegas before heading to Oakland  Friday night. While the purpose of the stop in Vegas was to see Oceans Thirteen, we never made it to a theater. Louie’s girlfriend, Nicole was suffering from the flu and spent most of the evening in bed at the hotel. Bill, Louie and I didn’t want to stray far from the hotel, so we nixed the movie plans and enjoyed the penny and nickel slots and a little bit of blackjack. I’m not a big fan of the old school slot machines… they’re a little boring for my taste. I enjoy the animated and musical slots with the opportunity to bet on up to twenty five lines with fantastic hopes of hitting an entertaining bonus round. Some slots I play only to get to the bonus round. Of course, they’re even more fun when you’re winning. Thankfully, we did pretty well on this trip. I turned $20 into $200 on a penny slot machine. Bill turned $20 into $100 on a similar machine. There were really fun machines focused around Monopoly that were a lot of fun. Louie did really well on those. There was also a Top Gun machine that had speaker and a sub woofer in the seat. We lost money on it, but it was fun anyway. At the Imperial Palace, Bill played a little blackjack. The pit happened to have celebrity impersonators as dealers… dubbed “Dealertainers.” So, Bill won some money with Elvis as the dealer.

Saturday afternoon Bill and I flew Southwest to Oakland where Bill sat between two chatty flight attendants and I sat next to a large guy who’s excessively hairy arm, totally hogged the arm rest. Thank goodness it was a short flight.

When we arrived, Bill dropped me off at Mom’s friend Catherine’s house in Hayward. Mom, Jackie, Jan, Yvonne and Catherine were waiting for me so we could get started making all of the wedding invitations. Deanna joined us a little later. I ran a little late. We got going with the cutting and scoring and assembling. Mom put together a nice dinner of salad fixings. When we were making some serious progress someone asked what time it was, it was after 10pm. Yikes! We didn’t know we’d been working for so long. We didn’t finish, but we made a lot of progress and got all of the paper and cardstock cut. I’m so thankful to them for helping and providing their fancy scrapbooking paper cutters. They saved us a lot of time. Catherine took a few pictures of us working. I’ll post them when I can get a copy.

Sunday, after Bill and Patrick played a co-ed soccer match, we, being Bill, Mom, Dad and myself, drove out to Walnut Creek to have lunch. We talked with Alice for a little bit and get the contract with her going. We set the menu for dinner and for the small dim sum reception immediately following the ceremony. It was a nice relief to finally have that contract set and a set price negotiated.  We discussed table arrangements and linens. The restaurant is already decorated nicely, so I don’t think we’ll add much to it. After lunch, we drove to the ceremony site. I wanted to see how it looked when the trees actually have leaves. There happened to be an antiques show at the park on Sunday, so it was pretty crowded. But, we got to see that the trees provide plenty of shade when they’re full and they help block the noise from the street. Next we drove to the Walnut Creek Marriott to take a look around and see if we could speak with someone from the sales department. Being a Sunday, we didn’t expect anyone in sales to be there… and there wasn’t. But Bill left our information and got a business card of the woman he needed to speak to. One woman at the front desk offered to show us the rooms and suites so we could get an idea on what we would need for the wedding. Since Walnut Creek is at least an hour from Newark, we’re planning to spend Friday night at the hotel. Mostly because we have to have the rehearsal and dinner in Walnut Creek. The rooms were very nice and we decided on a suite that give us enough space to get dressed, get our hair done and all that girly stuff. We’ll work with the hotel to negotiate a rate for any guests who want to stay there too. It was nice to get so much accomplished on Sunday. It’s a good feeling.

I got home last night and pretty much went right to bed. I have more for tomorrow.


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