Work has kept me really busy lately. Universal bought the licensing
rights to The Simpsons, so I’ve been working on Simpsons apparel and
hats all week. The biggest task was organizing the massive amount of
art that we received from them. The 1.69 GB of art are all labeled with
alpha numeric files names. So, to find a specific image, we have to go
through and open each file… one at a time. There are hundreds of
files…and they’re not grouped together. Every single pose or graphic
for every character is a separate file. So, to make life a lot easier
for us, we organize the art into groups with new file names and print
everything out; essentially creating our own style guide. There are six
pages of Homer poses, four pages of Bart poses, and so on. It was a
large and daunting task. I can’t remember why I volunteered to do it.

This week we’re also starting work for the new Universal theme park
opening in 2009 in Orlando themed after the Harry Potter books and
films. From the art I’ve seen on their website, it looks like it’ll be
very true to the books and will probably be chalked full little
details. You can see some of it
. Yesterday afternoon, those of us in the art department agot together to watch the third
Harry Potter film

and spend some time brainstorming product ideas. As
someone who is a fan of the books, I’m excited to be a part of this
process and I’m looking forward to the park opening. Since it’s still
very early in the development process, I’m not allowed to give more
details. So don’t ask.

Patrick is in Long Beach all week attending a training in Airport Ops.
He’s learning the ticket counter and gate agent jobs so he can work
shifts in both customer service and ground ops. He asked me to pick up
a mini-keg of beer for him to keep in his hotel room. It resides in the

“I can brush my teeth in the shower…”

evening we had dinner at our local trendy Thai restaurant. We all
enjoyed different pork dishes. Mine was a little spicier than I could
handle, but it was still delicious. It’s hard for me to gage the
spiciness of restaurants sometimes… even a Thai restaurant. I’m still
learning. We learned that the manager has a quirky sense of humor and
had a bit of fun having signs made for the restaurant. I took pictures,
but many of them didn’t come out right. On their large
tropical fish tank, it says, “Please don’t tap on the glass. Cause our
mutant fish will eat you. Seriously.” Bill and I thought this was
hilarious at the beginning when there were no fish in the tank. Another
sign says, “Please wait to be seated. Don’t make us have to tackle
you.” This is the sign near the front door:

And our favorite sign on the ice machine:

We’re amused by such simple things.

Monday evening I came home to the smells of a delicious dinner cooking.
Bill made a roasted pork tenderloin with a demi glace (did I spell that
right?) with red wine and Irish whiskey. He topped the extremely tender
pork with grilled onions and mushrooms and served it with roasted
fingerling potatoes, pugilese bread and a spinach salad. He even made
the croutons. It was fantastic and I’m still enjoying the leftover pork
sandwiches for lunch. Not too bad for his first time working with pork

Last night we had dinner at Joe’s Sushi. It wasn’t
too crowded this time, so we were able to sit at the sushi bar and
enjoy the evening with our favorite sushi chef, Joon. He remembered
Bill and me and the Korean pop music started as soon as we sat down.
This was Patrick’s first visit to Joe’s.

Goofing off:

had many lobster rolls and volcano rools and tried a couple of new ones. Joon made the
baked scallops item that we had on our first visit that was fantastic.
Towards the end of dinner, Joon pulled out a large piece of salmon and
asked Bill, “you want the belly?” Bill and Patrick both love Sake sushi
and they devoured a large plate of salmon.

to our first visit to Joe’s, Joon gave us many items that we didn’t
order and aren’t on the menu. One was a baked salmon collar that was
incredibly delicious. It came with a vinegary and smoky Korean-ish
dipping sau
ce. I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

So sad to think that many westerners throw this part of the salmon away.

round out our how-many-different-ways-can-you-prepare-salmon feast,
Joon prepared three pieces of Sake sushi traditionally. He then added
some ground pepper and a vinegary sauce and then hit the tops of the
salmon with a blow torch. Then he sprinkled on some green onions and
french fried onions then finished it with a dollop of rooster sauce. It
was an amazing mix of flavors with the salty tang of the vinegar
contrasting with the sweetness of the fried onions…. all without
overpowering the lightly cooked salmon.

dessert, Joon decorated a place with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and
assorted fruit. It was a pretty presentation and a nice and light end
to a heavy and large meal. We all ate too much.

Heheh, you can see my fingerprint in the powdered sugar.

Ultimate defeat:

you can see, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my newest toy. I
recently purchased a Canon SD800 digital camera. It’s an amazing
improvement from my SD110 camera going from 3.2 MP to 7.1 MP. The most
obvious upgrade I’ve noticed is the ability to take great photos
without the flash. All of the photos above were taken without a flash.
Plus the screen on the camera is much larger measuring two inches wide.
So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying the improved picture quality. I’ve
taken pictures of flowers and such from the backyard. I’ll post them


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