Here are a couple of pictures I took when I first got my camera. Since I took these, a bunch of my roses are blooming again, so I’ll take more this weekend. These are the white roses we have in the backyard. They’re that delicate variety that don’t last more than a couple of hours after they’ve been cut. I have to be honest, I had just watered them when I took the pictures… the water drops were placed.

We’ve only had our Asian pear tree for a year and it’s already bearing fruit. It’s a little unnerving because two of the only four branches need to be propped up to avoid breaking. The fruit is too heavy. Right now they’re all small… about the size of a golf ball. Should be interesting what we end up with.

And our grapes. They grow from behind our shed and spill into our neighbors yard. They need to be pruned this Fall. We have no idea what variety they are except that they are purply red. Last year they were all eaten by a scary-looking beetle. Maybe we can intervene this year before all the grapes are gone.

Wednesday evening Patrick made beef Wellington for dinner. It was delicious but felt like a lead weight in my stomach. We went back to our trendy Thai restaurant last night for a lighter and cheaper meal. It’s really turining out to be a good restaurant to frequent. The three of us ate for $22, and Pat even had beer.

This weekend Bill has plans to make pulled pork in the smoker. It has to smoke for around twelve hours, so it’ll be an early morning tomorrow. We’ve invited a few people over to enjoy the food. I’ll make a macaroni salad and Patrick will probably made something yummy.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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