Last night Bill and I had an entertaining dinner at PF Chang’s with Rhonda and Michelle who were in town from Oakland. Rhonda is a supervisor or a manager at OAK, (I can’t remember which; she’s essentially Patrick’s boss) and Michelle is some kind of high mucky-muck regional manager. Michelle used to be the GM of OAK and was a big supporter of Bill’s when he was making the move from Ground Ops to IT. Since then, she and Bill have become good friends. She helped me out a lot when I was interviewing for my first couple of jobs when I moved down here. She’s a great lady who admittedly has a hard time remembering people’s names… so everyone is “Honey.” In return we all call her Honey too. She and her husband will be at our wedding.

Dinner was great and we ordered way too much food. I got to hear a lot of great stories about past employees and funny stories about flying stand-by on other carriers. Michelle and Rhonda wanted to know all about the wedding planning and how everything was going. I wish we had the chance to hang out with them more.

Bill ordered a new pair of cargo pants from his favorite brand, 5.11. They sell “tactical” clothing designed for law enforcement with lots of strategically placed pockets and extra durable fabric and stitching. He loves the cargo pants and shorts and owns many pair. He got a 5.11 t-shirt that was on clearance, and the tag really made him laugh. He wanted me to put it on my blog.

Here’s the shirt graphic:

Here’s the tag:

I thought it was worth a chuckle. James will probably find it really funny. He and Bill share an odd sense of humor.

Our plans to spend the next six days in Richmond, VA are hitting a couple of snags. There is a storm front moving thought the northeast causing delays and cancelled flights into and out of JFK… so what else is new? We had originally planned to fly out tonight arriving into RIC tomorrow morning. But that isn’t looking likely. Bill has been looking at other options including flying through Boston or directly into Washington DC and driving to Richmond. Since James & Kristen are spending Saturday in DC for Logan’s birthday party, we thought about flying to DC and staying there for a day, then driving back to Richmond with James & Kristen. We’re entertaining all options. It should be intersting to see what pans out. We may not arrive to VA until Saturday. In that case I may go to work tomorrow, and save a vacation day.

Have a good weekend and a great 4th of July!


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  1. kfyeom says:

    Stupid storms! Or maybe the airlines are just wooseys…with a “p”. Wow, I must be tired 😀 That t-shirt is hilarious…the boys should be banned from shopping there.

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