Today’s entry will be from Saturday only. I took a lot of pictures and I don’t have enough time to post all of it today.

Thankfully, we made it to Virginia on Saturday morning without having to go through Ft Lauderdale. The flight was very full with me in a middle seat and Bill in the rear jump seat with the flight attendants. Neither of us got any sleep, but at least we got seats! We picked up a rental car and parked in a quiet and dark corner of the parking garage at the Tysons Corner mall for a nap. Around forty-five minutes later, James called to let us know that he and Kristen had just arrived in DC and would we like to meet up with them for lunch.

We made our way to Old Town Alexandria for lunch with James, Kristen, Logan, and Kristen’s Dad and stepmom. Kristen’s Dad, Ken, lives in Delaware and Arizona. He drove down in his brand new BMW to spend the afternoon with his grandson. We hung around the Market Square as the Farmer’s Market was just ending. The Farmer’s Market in Alexandria began in 1753 and is said to be one of the oldest continually operating farmer’s markets in the nation. George Washington sent his produce from Mount Vernon to be sold at this Farmer’s Market. Pretty cool. Apparently, Logan loves the water and was entranced by the fountains. For lunch we ate at a Thai restaurant where Bill and I shared some Pad Thai knowing that there was a lot of food being prepared at James’ mom’s house. Some pictures with Logan and his Grandpa:


“Hey, what are you looking at?”

We arrived at James’ parents’ house just before two o’clock as James’ mom and his aunt were setting out copious amounts of Korean food. In Korean traditions, a child’s first birthday is a huge affair… perhaps a good comparison as to the amount of fanfare and celebration is a Quinceanera in Hispanic traditions. James’ mom had so many friends and family invited that she separated them into two waves of guests. Around fifteen or twenty guests arrived at 2pm for lunch and ooh-ing and aah-ing over Logan. Then a second wave of two dozen or more guests arrived at 6pm for dinner. Here’s the food buffet around 6:30: There was so much good food!

One of James’ aunts purchased a traditional Korean outfit for Logan to wear. When we arrived, it was Logan’s naptime and we really didn’t think he would be happy wearing the silk costume… but he seemed alright with it. I think he was just humoring his aunt. Upon seeing it, James’ cousin Matthew asked, “they couldn’t find it in a boy color??? like blue or green???”

That’s a “please help me” look. You can see Kristen and me in the mirror giggling as he grabs his favorite stuffed bunny for comfort.

We were all amazed how he kept the hat and booties on too.

We had lunch while Logan napped. (not in his costume). When the second wave of guests arrived Logan was again gussied up and whisked to the elaborately decorated table for photos and more ooh-in and aah-ing.

You can see that this is a very special occasion. From the elaborate balloon arch and the faux cylinders of sweets to the fancy fruit platter and Boston cream birthday cake, it appears that no expense was spared. I’m sure all of this is symbolic in some way. There was too much chaos to get a decent explanation.


Enough with the pictures!!!!!

“Oh! I get money too? Sweet!”

It was amazing how calm he was through all of the chaos. He even kept the hat on.

One friend or cousin (I don’t know who she was) brought her Maltese dog who was very friendly. Logan thought that dog was one of the coolest things he’d ever seen

After taking some pictures, James’ aunt set out a white blanket and placed Logan on top along with some specific items: a piece of rope, a quarter, a pen, a bank book and a golf ball. It’s said that whatever item the baby reaches for first will symbolize the child’s life. If he reaches for the rope, then he’ll have a long life. If he reaches for the money, then he will be wealthy. You get the idea. Well, Logan reached for the golf ball.

Which should make James’ dad happy since he’s an avid golfer. Even when they moved the golf ball farther away, he moved other items aside, like the rope and money, to reach the golf ball. It was really funny.

With Grandma.

Aaaahhh, everything is okay now…  I have my bunny.

We finally wrestled outselves out of there after eight (way after Logan’s bedtime) and made our way south to Richmond. As soon as James put on the baby classical music, I, too, was out. I need a copy of that CD.


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  1. christao408 says:

    What adorable pictures.  Especially the little hat! 

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