Sunday morning (last week) we woke to Logan talking in his jibberish
and wanting to play. We had lunch at a local deli that makes tasty
sandwiches, sweet tea (yay!) and a fabulous strawberry shortcake. Logan
had a gourmet lunch of yogurt, cheese and diced pineapple… which he
found entertainment in squeezing the juice all over himself before
eating each piece. He was a sticky mess.

Logan at the deli:

Bill and I got Logan a pair of 5.11 tactical cargo shorts and a tactical shirt for his birthday. That way he can match his daddy. Unfortunately, it’s all a little big right now…

After lunch Logan needed a bath before his second birthday party. It
was hilarious to watch because he really likes the water and is rather
upset when the bath is over.

I did these in black and white because: 1. They look better in black and white. 2. Kristen doesn’t like the color of the tile in that bathroom.

For Logan’s second birthday party of the weekend, James and Kristen
reserved a picnic shelter at local Deep Run Park near their house. It’s
a really beautiful park with a small lake, trails and lots of picnic
tables and benches… all situated in a forest of maple and pine
trees. After a quick errand run to get balloons, charcoal, and meat we
arrived. Kristen brought Logan a little while later after he was
finished with his nap and soon after, the guests began arriving.

Bill and James cooked hamburgers, hot dogs and kalbi on that impossibly small grill. In the end, they sent Matthew out to buy a second grill just to keep up.

Mmmm, potato salad. Logan didn’t like it.  Kristen made the tshirt that Logan is wearing. The front pocket says “I’m more FUN now that I’m ONE!”

Opening presents was very entertaining as one friend gave Logan a present of empty water bottles. He really likes playing with them. So, as we played with his water bottles, Kristen and all the other kids at the party opened his presents.

It took a little while before he showed any interest in his new toys. The other kids were more than happy to play with his new toys for him.

The birthday cake was a delicious Boston cream cake with chocolate frosting. Logan didn’t like it very much.

He found throwing it on the ground to be much more entertaining.

Goofing off with Uncle Bill

We had a lot of fun at the party, and Logan was such a good boy. Kristen was so proud. We all were.

One of the toys Logan got on Sunday became a favorite when we got home. It’s a Happy City Highway Patrol Hummer with buttons that make all sorts of police noises. Even though Logan is a little to small for it, he found pushing it from one end of the living room to the other highly entertaining.

I have adorable video of him pushing the Hummer all over the place and making silly noises too. I’m still working out how to post it. Photobucket hasn’t been cooperating with me.
More to come.


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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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  1. kfyeom says:

    Can you be Logan’s historian? I’m so glad you were taking pictures 😀 And thank you for putting the bath ones in b&w. That tile is hideous. Maybe when he is an adult it will be back in style!

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