Continuing with the last couple of days of our trip to Virginia:

Monday we slept in and recovered from the busy weekend. Kristen went to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon and Bill when on a police ride-along with James’ co-worker and friend Kevin. Before he left, Bill made some soy-sauce chicken for us. James, Logan and I watched recorded episodes of the reality show The Academy. (very entertaining). It was a nice and quiet day.

Short video of Logan playing with a soda can and trying to talk to his mom on the phone. Logan likes to put everything in his mouth… especially items that are cold.

Tuesday Kristen had to work all day… all day for Kristen is about a six hour day. Logan spent the day in day care and Bill, James and I went to Colonial Williamsburg. We talked about places to visit and had decided on visiting Jamestown because 2007 is their 400th anniversary. But, James explained that you can see all of Jamestown in about thirty minutes. So we opted for Williamsburg. It’s about a one hour drive from Richmond and with James driving, we get there in about 45 minutes.

We spent hte day walking around and visiting the various building and attractions in the historic town: the blacksmith, the silversmith, the gunsmith, the apothecary, the Magazine at Market Square, the Capitol, and the Governor’s Palace and Gardens.

The Magazine

It was a warm day, but quite pleasant in the shade. We had lunch at a Berret’s Seafood Restaurant and Taphouse Grill where James had a flat iron steak and crabcake, Bill had a flash-fried oyster por-boy sandwich and I had a caeser salad topped with marinated beef tips. It was all pretty tasty.


Already getting into trouble.

The gunsmith and the back of the Governor’s Palace.

I with we had more time to spend there. I would have liked to explore the shops along the Merchant’s Square and the Public Hospital and Museum. Oh well. We’ll just have to go again. But on the next trip, I want to visit Monticello.

We got home late in the afternoon and picked up Logan from day care. Later we met up with some friends at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. James took some pictures when people weren’t expecting it…
This is Colin and Tara. They have an 8-week old daughter Lily.

Us with Kristen and lot’s of sweet tea! On the far right is James’ co-worker and friend Sung.

Wednesday morning we had breakfast at Bob Evans. No trip to Virginia is complete without a meal at Bob Evans.

Waiting for a table.

Logan already not taking his dad seriously.

After breakfast Bill and I were dropped off at the airport for our trek home. Because it was Independence Day and a slow day for air travel, we got good seats on all of the flights we tried for.

Bill is excited to see a channel devoted entirely to episodes of The Simpsons. jetBlue is now the official airline of Springfield.

We arrive home around 7:30 and Mom and Jackie were at our house with spaghetti waiting for us. It was surprisingly warm and humid in Long Beach that day… I think it was more humid than in Richmond. Go figure. We set off a few fireworks on our street and watched as our neighbors tried to avoid setting their houses on fire.

Mom and Jackie were with us from Wednesday until Sunday morning. They went to see Wicked in Hollywood Thusday night and spent Friday at Disneyland while Bill and I were back at work. Saturday I took them to Huntington Beach to cruise the pier. They had a craft fair and a surf competition and there were a lot of people. We had a wonderful lunch at a mediterranean cafe and I found some jewelry to go with my wedding gown.

I’ve never seen it so busy.

It was a nice visit and I think Mom and Jackie had a good time.


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  1. christao408 says:

    Looks like you had a very good trip.  Very nice pictures.  Especially the one with Bill in the stockade.  It is important to exert control before the wedding.

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