Our weekend was spent relaxing. Saturday we met up with Trish adn I got my hair trimmed and re-dyed. Bill got a trim while the chemicals were working away on me. Afterwards we had lunch at Bruddah’s Hawaiian BBQ restaurant in Gardena. We make a point to eat there when we visit Trish since it’s kind of down the street from her salon. We always get the pork lau-lau. I normally get the special that comes with long rice soup and lomi salmon. I remembered to take pictures this time:

First we shared a side of spam musubi… which is essentially spam sushi with some BBQ-ish teriyaki sauce. It’s oddly good and done really well here. I prefer when the seaweed is easy to bite through.

Next our lau lau came. It’s a large piece of pork wraped in ti leaves and steamed. The leaves add an interesting flavor to the pork and it’s incredibly delicious. It doesn’t look very appetizing, but it’s very good and almost always served with steamed rice and some sort of macaroni salad.

My special comes with long rice soup and lomi salmon. The long rice soup is a chicken noodle soup with thin rice noodles that are clear. The broth has a lot of ginger in it… a sinus-clearing amount of ginger. It’s probably great for when you have a cold. I love it. The lomi salmon is very refreshing on a hot day. Raw salmon, ripe tomatoes, and maui onions are diced and mixed together. It’s always served cold and I recently learned the word lomi means “to massage.” I guess you’re supposed to mix all the ingredients with your hands.

After lunch we cruised around the area. We ended up in West Hollywood and Santa Monica. We walked around the Third Street Promenade window shopping. The Adidas Store was excessively promoting David Beckham’s move to the LA Galaxy…  Then we remembered that his first game was that day in an exhibition match with Chelsea. The store had a few Galaxy jerseys…

And a few Chelsea jerseys… all the blue and neon…

It’s really nice to see soccer being promoted so much… it just seems weird to me. I’m so used to seeing it a few steps behind football, basebeall and basketball. It’s going to take some getting used to.

We found the local 7-Eleven that has been converted into a Kwik-E-Mart promoting the Simpsons Movie. We decided not to stop when we saw the line of people waiting to get in. It’s still just a 7-Eleven.

We went home and watched the Galaxy/Chelsea game that we had recorded. It was interesting to see so much hype for one player. And he only played fifteen minutes or so at the end because of a healing ankle injury. They had one camera entirely dedicated to watching him… the Beckham cam. The crowd would cheer if he stood up or if he untied his shoe. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m interested to see if they continue to sell out their future games.

On Sunday Bill smoked some tri-tip that was awesome. Doug and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m still enjoying it with tri-tip sandwiches.

This week Bill is traveling again. Yesterday he was in Denver and then flew to New York last night. Today he has a morning meeting and will fly to Ft Lauderdale tonight. Thursday he flies to Oakland and I’ll fly up Friday evening to join him. Michael and I are talking about places to take Bill for his birthday this weekend… we’re thinking of going to a seafood restaurant outside of Half Moon Bay, called Ketch Joanne, that has the best fried calamari ever. Bill and I ate there a lot when we were first dating. We’ll see. Ultimately, I guess it’s up to Bill, eh?

Well… it’s back to designing cat beds.

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Artist, mom, traveler, hiker, babywearer (for as long as they'll let me) and hobbyist photographer.
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