This weekend was spent trying to get as much done as possible in 90+ degree heat. It was the hottest it’s been all summer and it was a struggle to keep the house relatively cool. There’s a science involved with the proper placement of fans, open windows and doors to ensure good flow of cooler air in the right time of day.

Saturday morning we headed to downtown LA to the jewelry district to buy wedding bands. Neither Bill or I had ever been to any kind of jewelry district and we were very thankful to have a specific retailer recommended to us. Otherwise we would have been lost and intimidated at the thousands of retailers in the area. Our friend Ronney recommended the Mai family for us as he bought his wife’s engagement ring, wedding bands and other jewelry from them. The husband and wife team were very helpful and made some great recommendations. They gave us a bit of a discount when we mentioned that Ronney had sent us. I’m really happy with what we bought and that it was within our budget. Another item checked off the list.

Afterwards, we drove around a bit looking for a place to have lunch. We stumbled upon the LA Tofu Festival. We circled the blocks hoping to avoid paying $10 for parking… especially since we didn’t know if we were going to stay. We caved as there wasn’t any street parking. Admission to the festival was $5 and we thought the food had better be cheap. Thankfully, it was… sort of. There were all sorts of vendors and a lot of people milling around and gathering in the shade. We shared a poke salad that consisted of shredded iceberg lettuce topped with a generous helping of cubed semi-firm tofu and marinated tuna sashimi. It was incredibly refreshing on such a warm day. The tuna was very tender and not slimy (I’m sensitive to slimy food). We also shared what was being advertised as a Japanese pizza. In Japan it’s called okonomiyake. In my opinion it’s more like a pancake… It’s a mixture of a savory batter, tofu, onions, cabbage, shrimp and other various items, grilled until the edges are crispy and topped with tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayonnaise. The line for this item was long, but worth the wait. Lastly we shared a simple dish that consisted of a large piece (about 1/2 a package) of very cold, firm tofu with soy sauce drizzled on top, then sprinkled with shredded seaweed and green onions. Simple and delicious.

We kept the lunch small because we were meeting Bill’s uncle, aunt and cousin at 5 for an early dinner. Bill’s uncle retired this year and has spent a lot of the summer traveling with his wife and son. Their son, Jack, has enlisted in the Navy and reports for basic training on Sept 11. (yeah… I know. He didn’t choose the darn date) Jack plans to head to Pensacola, FL after basic training and work with avionics. I believe he starts out on the ground crew. Eventually, he’ll go to college and try to become an officer so he can be a pilot. That’s the ultimate goal. The family is spending a week in Palm Springs and a week in Las Vegas. We had dinner with them on Saturday before they headed to Palm Springs. Then they were back with us on Sunday where Bill smoked some tri-tip and baby-back ribs. Both were delicious (as usual) and we spent the day relaxing.

The relaxing part was nice, especially in the warm weather, but I had work to do on my freelance project this Sunday that was severely delayed with Bill’s uncle’s visit. We didn’t know they were planning to visit until Thursday evening… and our house was quite messy. Since I’ll be in Newark for the next two weekends, I’m a bit behind on my sketches. Serves me right for accepting a job in the middle of planning a wedding.


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