My weekend was pretty busy. Bill spent it in Las Vegas with a few friends, I wouldn’t count that as busy. This wasn’t technically his bachelor party as none of the groomsmen could make it with short notice. But it was definately a guys weekend. From what Bill told me, they all had a good time.

Friday evening I flew to OAK with Louie’s girlfriend, Nicole. Because there’s still construction happening at my parents’ house, we slept at Jan and Mark’s house for the weekend on their comfy Murphy bed. We were up a little early on Saturday morning to meet Jackie’s friend Jessie at Mom & Dad’s house. First we had french toast and bacon with Jan and Mark. Mmmmmmm. Jessie is the hairstylist who I’ve hired to to my hair and my maids/matron’s of honor’s hair. She’ll probably do our makeup too. Saturday we did a trial of my hairstyle so she could get a feel for how my hair would handle the style and to see how long it will take. She also gave Jackie new highlights. I’m really happy with how my hair turned out. I was also happy with how it lasted all day. My hair is finally growing up… a little.

Next I had an appointment with a seamstress in Newark to get alterations going on my two gowns. It took me a while to find someone who came recommended. I posted more than once on message boards and Mom asked around at her work. We had a couple of names of people in Berkeley and San Leandro. I didn’t really want to drive that far and I wasn’t comfortable walking in to a dry cleaner’s shop who happened to have an “alterations” sign in the window. At long last, a fellow 2007 bride recommended Seams to Me in Newark. It’s run by two friendly women who get most of their business making clothing for porcelain dolls. Nicole and I chatted with them while they pinned me in my gown. Since the doll business has dropped in the last ten years, they’ve picked up business making and altering wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses and creating costumes for professional wrestlers. An odd source of business, but I guess you take what you can get! We worked out a way to pick up the chapel-length train at the back of my gown for the reception and the gown was pinned at the waist. We discussed options for making my red chinese gown longer. It’s going to be tricky. I’ll go back on the 8th to talk with them more.

From their house, Nicole and I went straight to Jan’s house for my bridal shower. There were about fifteen people there and many were meeting for the first time. Mom made a delicious spinach, bacon and egg stratta along with some hors d’oeurves. We had iced tea, lemonade and Bellini. Mom and Yvonne coordinated some hilarious games and I think everyone had a good time. I am very thankful that most of my gifts were gift cards. It made flying back to Long Beach so much easier. I will post pictures when I get some from Mom and Dad’s camera.

After the shower we had dinner at Texas Road House where Michael’s girlfriend, Sara, works. We arrived and were seated pretty quickly despite the crowd. Sara joined us a little while later. It was a little bit noisy, but fun.

Sunday morning Jan and Mark drove Nicole and me to the airport. We tried to catch the 12:25 flight to Long Beach with no success. I knew that the next flight at 6PM was sold out, so I re-listed us for the 7:25PM flight and called Mom to pick us up. We didn’t want to spend the next seven hours at the airport. We had lunch with Mom and shopped for new bedding and blinds for her bedroom and bathroom. We finally flew home on the 7:25PM flight. It was a long but fun weekend. We got a lot accomplished and I was able to check off a few items from my list.


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