Sometimes I feel like all I ever do on this blog is write about my weekends….

On Thursday night a co-worker and friend of Bill’s, Redmond, crashed for the night with his cousin, Mary. They flew in from Oakland with tickets to see the Dr. Phil show Friday morning. Bill and Redmond have been friends since jetBlue training. They were in the same class together in a class that only had four people in it. So the group of them, plus the trainer (Kevin, the friend who lives in Buffalo), became good friends. Redmond only works part-time right now, so we hardly ever get to see him. He’s really wonderful and a great guy to talk to. Red is the guy who makes that killer macaroni salad that has made appearances at my birthday party and our house-warming party. If you’ve had it, then you know what I’m talking about. He refuses to share the recipe but will happily make it for your party, even if he can’t be there himself. We had dinner at Lucilles (the 2nd time that week for Bill and me) and Red got his full rack of beef ribs. Mary had braised short ribs and Bill and I shared a combo of baby back ribs and brisket. Mary and I listened as they told hilarious stories about their training days and the restaurants they found… Lucille’s being one of them.  I love bringing people to Lucille’s because it (she?) always lives up the the hype. Many times someone will rave about a restaurant and when you finally go, it’s not as good as the raves. Lucille’s always exceeds those expectations… consistantly. Not many restaurants can do that.

I had planned to spend the weekend working on my children’s book. With all the wedding plans and more trips to the Bay Area than I anticipated, I fell really far behind. I promised myself, no wedding stuff this weekend. Friday, Bill’s mom decides to fly up and spend the weekend with us talking about some wedding stuff. Doh! While desperately resisting the urge to have a childish tantrum, I ask Bill to let her know that I have to work all weekend. Thankfully he explained it well and she understood. She made it a short trip flying in Friday night and flying home Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning we talked about the guest list and seating arrangements…. secretly wishing we could miraculously make the restaurant bigger to hold more guests. I got to work while Laikwan went with Bill when he got his hair cut. Trish was awesome and gave her a haircut too. Laikwan is at a point where she’s never happy with a haircut because she won’t splurge on an experienced and more expensive stylist. I knew that Trish would know how to cut her hair becaucse they wear a similar style, and Trish is really awesome. (awesomeness is key to being a good stylist) Bill said the two of them hit it off and Laikwan is happy with her haircut, finally.

I got all of the sketches done for my book, 15 double-page spreads. I’ll work on the cover a little later. To me, laying everything out is the hardest, and most time-consuming part. The composition is really what will make or break the illustration. I still want to make changes to them, but I’m pretty happy with where everything is right now.

There are only two weekends left until the big day, 19 days! I haven’t been this excited about a countdown since I was counting the days until I finished college. Of course then I was more excited about the prospect of getting more than four hours of sleep. Everything is coming together well. A lot will be assembled, cut, pasted and tied this weekend.

I apologize for the lack of pictures… I’ve noticed that people are getting annoyed with my constant picture  taking. I’ve decided to back off for a little bit, then ease back in to it.

I’ll end with a recent picture of Logan who will be our ring bearer. I can’t believe how big he’s getting!


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