I finally downloaded all of the pics from the past two weeks and am going through them. I’ll start with Tuesday, Oct 2nd, when James, Kristen, Logan and Kevin arrived from Richmond, VA.

To avoid having yet another heavy item for them to carry, Bill and I purchased a Pack N Play from Target for Logan to sleep in. A Pack N Play is a genius device that can be a playpen, crib, bassinet and changing table that breaks down to a handy carrying case. Here Bill and Kristen are setting it up… and Logan wants to help:

It was a struggle getting Logan to sleep that first night. They arrived around 9pm PST and Logan had only slept for an hour on the plane. When they arrived, he was awake and walking around. He screamed and cried when Kristen tried to get him to sleep. When he wouldn’t stop, they packed him in the minivan and drove him around until he fell asleep. (I had gone to bed at this point) He woke up again around 3am and it took another car trip to get him to sleep again. Thankfully, he adjusted to the time different the next day and had no problems sleeping for the rest of the trip.

Wednesday evening we introduced Kristen and Logan to an interesting phenomenon at our local Long Beach City College. A few months back Bill noticed a few rabbits hanging around the college sign. He thought it was kind of odd until he saw them every day. One time we were in the car together he stopped and showed me. There were dozens of rabbits hanging around the campus eating grass, chasing each other and doing whatever it is that rabbits do. They don’t look at all like wild rabbits, they look like pet rabbits… white, brown, black & white spotted. I haven’t been able to find any sort of explanation as to why they are there. They aren’t bothered by the students at all. I found one news article that mentioned “Rabbits have long been a part of the campus, dating back to its founding when it was among bean, alfalfa and carrot fields.” It also mentioned that people often dump their pet rabbits on the campus when they don’t want them as pets anymore. It’s rather bizarre.

So, Wednesday evening we thought Logan and Kristen would like to meet the resident rabbits. Kristen being the greater bunny fan. Logan thought they were pretty cool but at times he seemed more interested in the passing cars.

It was really bizarre. Some of the rabbits were skittish and ran away when anyone approached. On the other side of campus I saw a couple of kids chasing some rabbits. A few of the rabbits actually approached us and wanted to be pet. I wonder if these were recently left by their previous owners.

I’ll post more tomorrow.


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