Early Thursday morning Kristen and I flew up to Oakland while the boys, including Logan, packed up the minivan and drove up. Kristen and I met up with Jackie, Mom and Yvonne and we all enjoyed a relaxing spa day at the California Skin Care and Day Spa in Newark. We all got pedicures and full-body massages. They had a little room set up for us with some fruit, cheese and champagne. It was a lot of fun. I had never had a professional massage before… I will have to get more of them. Kristen had never experienced a pedicure before and she learned that her feet are much more ticklish than she thought. We had a wonderful time and we lost track of how many times Yvonne said, “This was such a great idea!”

Thursday evening Bill and I had our bachelor and bachelorette parties. I met up with a bunch of girls for dinner at Chevys. Jackie and Yvonne bought cheesy bachelorette party decorations and goofy sashes for us to wear.

Goofing off with a pitcher of margaritas. Yum!

Yvonne got me a gift that was really hilarious. I won’t go into details except to say that it came with a hat and had something to do with the airline industry.

I think everyone had a good time. After dinner, Yvonne, Jackie, Veronica, Sara and I drove around looking for a fun bar or some sort of place to hang out and listen to music. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the Newark/Fremont area, and none of us felt like driving further than a few miles. We drove by City Beach because we thought they might have karaoke. They looked like they were closing. It was just a Thursday night. We discussed driving to a bar in Berkeley when Sara remembered that the cover at the Saddle Rack goes up to $20 after 10pm. We had ten minutes to get there and only pay $5. Yeah, we’re that lame. We arrived just in time and they actually let us in free. When we stepped inside, we realized why. There were probably a dozen people there… that’s it. There was live music with a fantastic lead singer. We shared a few drinks and enjoyed the music, often times singing along. We really started having fun when I pulled out my camera and we really started goofing off.


Enjoying a shot that tastes like butterscotch candy.

We had a good time and only drank enough to get silly. As we were getting ready to go, the lead guitarist said good night and complmented us on our attire. We decided to have one dance before we left and Jackie slyly requested Journey‘s Don’t Stop Believin’. We danced liked idiots and sang along. I have video of us singing, but it’s kind of dark and I don’t think the girls would appreciate if I posted it.


When we got back to my parents house, Bill’s bachelor party was just finishing up. Patrick and Jim set up a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker tournament at my parents’ house. When we got there, Bill was all-in and was knocked out. All that was left was Dad, Uncle Mark and our friend Vu. I know that Mark and Vu are good poker players, but I was surprised to see Dad as the chip leader. In the end, Dad beat everyone. It looked like they had a great time.

Dad only bragged a little bit the next morning.


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