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Friday morning Jackie and I met up with Grandma Reeves to get our nails done. I met up with Bill, James, Kristen, Logan, Kevin and Alvin at Dino’s Restaurant in Newark for a quick lunch before we headed out. Bill and I needed to drive out to Martinez to pick up the marriage license. Yeah, the county offices for Contra Costa County are WAY out in Martinez. It was a pretty quick and painless process.

Afterwards we went to the Walnut Creek Marriott and got all checked in. I tried to take a nap while Logan napped. I needed a little quiet to calm my nerves.

Around 6 we went to the ceremony site for the rehearsal. It went surprisingly fast and we got an opportunity to meet with our photographer. We had been trying to get together for a couple of months, but because of conflicting schedules, Friday evening was the best we could do. We got everyone’s jobs established and headed over to Downtown Walnut Creek for the rehearsal dinner.

Dinner was held at the Pyramid Alehouse in Downtown Walnut Creek. Once everyone found a place to park, we had a good time. We weren’t prepared for the parking situation on a Friday night. There was no street parking available, and the two nearest public garages were full. We were all scrambling to find parking. In hindsight, Bill remembers the catering manager warning him about it, but it was forgotten. (we had a lot on our minds!) When everyone finally got there, the food was wonderful as was the beer.

Catherine and Joe. They were wonderful on the wedding day making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be.

Jackie with Jim. Jim’s wife, Kendra, couldn’t make the wedding because she had another wedding to attend… in Germany. I know it was a hard decision deciding to split themselves between the two weddings, and I’m thankful we could have Jim there at the wedding.

The delicious food was served family style.

He’s a natural in front of the camera…

The restaurant did a wonderful job accomadating us and the staff was great. From what I could tell, everyone had a good time. Definately a recommended restaurant for a banquet or large group.

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