It’s been an interesting day at work today. One of the guys who works in my department, and essentially trained me, is leaving at the end of the month. While I’m really happy for him as it sounds like he’s moving on to a job that’s more suited to his talents, I’m sad to see him go. We’re definately going to be in a crunch for a while as we train a new artist. I believe Adam (the president) is going to contact the woman whom I replaced and see if she’d like her old job back. She left the company mainly to cut down her commute, it had nothing to do with the work or the company. A few weeks after I started last summer, she called Adam because she’d had a change of heart. Now that we actually need someone, I wonder if she’s still pining for her old job. I hope Steve and I can handle the workload in the mean time, especially with us moving to a new office at the end of January.

Back to the wedding…

Saturday morning: Jackie and I woke up and debated breakfast. I had only slept for about twenty minutes at a time all night. Jackie said she slept like a rock… and doesn’t remember kicking me a few times. Jessie arrived and began up-doing Jackie’s hair. Jessie is a friend of Jackie’s who happens to be a hairstylist as a hobby. I used to babysit Jessie’s boyfriend, Patrick. Small world. Yvonne, Kristen and Veronica joined us a little while later. Mom and Dad brought up some fruit, bagels and juice. We got ourselved all gussied up and goofed off a bit. Our photographer, Shu-Jon, arrived around one and snapped some photos of us getting dressed. He took some photos of Bill and the guys getting ready in another room down the hall too. Jan and Mark were awesome and drove out to Oakley to pick up the flowers. By 3pm we were all ready to go. When we got downstairs I finally got to see the car that would take Dad and me to the ceremony. They hired a 1927 Stutz Limousine. 

We (me, Bill, Mom and Dad) spent a lot of time debating the car that we were going to hire for the big day. Our options were few as we all agreed that we wanted some sort of “old” car. But, I wanted a car that suited us and was fun. I wasn’t interest in hiring an old Rolls Royce. It felt to stuffy for us. I found a place where we could rent a replica Shelby Cobra. But it turned out to be ridiculously expensive as the car was garaged in Las Vegas and we would have to pay $.50 a mile to get it here. They also had a 1959 Cadillac Convertible that I kind of had my heart set on. Oh well. Mom found a company that has a red, stretched ’57 Chevy Bel Air. That would have been awesome, except that the car was scheduled to be in a car show that weekend. Doh! Bill was about to talk to one of his Dad’s co-workers and see what kind of cars he had when my parents said not to worry about it. They would take care of the car and it would be a surprise. At that point in the planning process, I was thrilled to not have to worry about it. So, as we got downstairs on that Saturday, I saw the awesome car.

I had a wonderful time at the wedding. I was a little thrown when everything started late, but I got oriented pretty quickly. I wasn’t even phased when a rose bush snagged my veil right off my head. Dad asked me if I wanted to go back. I replied just like Harold and Kumar, “We’ve gone too far…”

I don’t think anyone has a photo of this, but as I was walking down the isle, Bill and all of his guys put on matching aviator sunglasses. This was his plan to prevent me from crying. He succeeded as I was cracking up the whole way. Our officiant, Lou, barely keeping his voice steady, also made me giggle a little. I only teared up at the end just before our slightly-longer-than-appropriate kiss. The photos make me laugh a little as Bill and I aren’t a couple who practices public displays of affection. We never have. One of Bill’s friends Damon made a funny comment that our first kiss as a married couple was the first time he’d ever seen us kiss.

The banquet was a lot of fun despite the extremely last minute changes that were made. It might not have been obvious, but nothing followed the timeline that we created. Bill and I were supposed to go right into our first dance when we made our entrance, but there wasn’t any place to do it! The tables were a lot closer together than we expected. That was nixed pretty quickly. Secretly, we were relieved to not have to dance in front of everyone. I think Dad was relieved to not have to dance in front of everyone too.

Everything else went smoothly and the food that I was able to get a few bites of was fabulous. I hope everyone enjoyed the food too. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from our photographer: Shu-Jon Mao.


I was totally caught cheating here. Just before the tea ceremony I had completely blanked on some of the key chinese words. “Drink tea” or Yum Cha and “Thank you” or Dol Jay. So I wrote them in English on my hand.

Patrick did an awesome job on our cake! Did everyone like the cake topper? I know the groom looks like a white version of Bill, but I ran out of time to make more changes!


Louie was totally freaked out by the food. Especially the chicken head!


There are a lot more photos on the website. If you’d like to see them go to:

In the purple, “view event” box, enter:

Username:  Alex Luvs Bill
Password:  13455

Then, they will ask 3 questions:

1)  Email address
2) Connection Speed
3)  First name



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