We’re all a little congested and Bill’s allergies have been going nuts since Sunday due to more than a dozen separate wildfires in southern California spanning from Santa
Barbara County to the Mexican border. Here in Long Beach, we’re kind of surrounded by fires but not close enough to any of them to actually see them. There has been so much ash on my car that I can see it flying off as I drive away. Needless
to say, the air quality sucks and everyone is advised to spend as much
time today indoors with air conditioners on. Our friends, Chuck and Mari who live outside Escondido, have left their home as a precaution. They weren’t required to leave, but the ridge above their track of homes is under a mandatory evacuation, so they didn’t want to take any risks. My thoughts are with all
of the firefighters and rescue workers… along with a few people I
know who live near these areas.

I have a few final pictures from two weeks ago:

On Sunday after the wedding Bill and I had dim sum at Tin’s Tea House
Lounge where we got a few looks from the waitstaff, “you two again?”
We met up with Damon and Susan before they flew back to Dallas. Louie,
Nicole, Caroline, Kevin and Mike joined us a little later. Kevin
profusely apologized for his drunken and erratic dancing towards the
end of the banquet. I didn’t think he needed to apologize since I
thought it was hilarious. We had a nice lunch and then headed to Castro
Valley for a get-together with my family. Bill diced up the whole
roasted pig that was given to my parents from Bill’s parents. It was great to actually spend some time talking to my family who had flown in from Seattle, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Nashville, New York, and Bangkok. It was a lot of fun, but I don’t have any pictures since I didn’t have my camera.

Monday we had lunch at Fuddruckers with Vu and Polly and their youngest, Andrew. Andrew is two years old (I think) and such a sweetheart. He and Logan got along pretty well.

Both were entranced by the video games.

Andrew is trying to give Logan a hug, which Logan wasn’t too thrilled with.

After lunch we stopped by Vu’s office. For those who might not know, our friend Vu is a chiropractor. We became friends with him back when he worked for a well-known chiropractic office in Redwood City. I worked as his office manager when he started his private practice in 2004. Instead of starting from scratch, he bought out an existing practice and has been doing well ever since. To this day, working for him is one of most fun jobs I’ve ever had. If I could launch a successful freelance career, I’d be more than happy to work for him again part-time. Vu has moved to a different office since the time I worked for him. It’s just down the street and a much nicer building with lots of space. It looks so much more professional than the slightly ghetto office he had before. All of my photographs are still on the walls. Which reminds me that I need to get him some new art, he must be tired of looking at the same stuff.

We all got our backs and necks and various body parts adjusted. Kristen even had Vu give Logan an adjustment. I learned that regular adjustments for babies is recommended because of all the trauma their bodies go through in childbirth. Kinda makes sense.

Logan thought the massager was pretty cool.

When Vu was working on Bill, Logan was more than happy to hold his Blackberry:


I don’t believe the slobber caused any harm, but he ended up in a Google chat room…

Logan was making some really funny faces from the ice cold water. In the background is Vu and Polly’s oldest, Kathleen. She’s eleven and has the same wit as her dad. It’s pretty awesome.

Monday evening we had a quick dinner at Mom and Dad’s house where we had fun playing with Logan.

Jan and Mark brought Josh over so Kristen could have her Josh fix. Here’s a video of Josh doing everything he can to avoid Logan: Josh running away!

Here’s a video I have of Logan doing something that completely made Bill’s day when Logan first said it. You have to be a Sesame Street fan to find it funny and you have to have speakers on. It’s sideways right now, I don’t have any software that can correct it. When I do, I’ll fix it. One Rubber Ducky

I have nother funny video of Logan playing with Dougan, but it’s too big to load onto photobucket. I’ll see what I can do.

Monday evening, we drove James, Kristen, Logan and Dougan to SJC for their flight home to Richmond, VA. I am so glad they made it out for our wedding. It wouldn’t have been right to get married without them there.


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